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Shocking Deaths


Last Edited: March 20, 2013, 2:20 pm

Well,to me,anyway...lol. Ever wonder what happened to some of those singers who had one hit wonders? Or what your favorite singers from yesterday are up to?  I admit..sometimes I sit around and think of these things. Then I google.

Seems like a lot of the people I thought of aren't up to much these days. In fact,they're not up at all. 

Maybe some of you remember Greg Guidry who sang "Goin' Down" in 1982. No? LoL. That was a great song and not quite what the song title might imply :) It was more about him going out of his mind over a girl. Come to find out the poor guy's charred body was found in his car in his garage in 2003.  (age 53) It was ruled as a suicide.  So Sad.

What about Randy VanWarmer? You had to be deaf not to hear his song "Just When I Needed You Most". His sad mournful voice ruled the airwaves in 1979. Another sad story...died in 2004...age 48...leukemia.

How many of you remember Robert Palmer? "Didn't Mean To Turn You On". "Addicted To Love". Dead of a heart attack (age 54) back in 2003! I had no idea. Still have those old 45's!

Roger Voudouris may be someone that doesn't ring a bell but "Get Used To It" was a pretty major hit in 1979. I had no idea he was from my city! But again,sad news. Died from liver disease in 2003 at age 48.

And my man Ben Orr from The Cars died in 2000 at age 53 of pancriatic cancer..yowsa. Who can forget The Cars?!!!

Think I'll stop now...this is getting depressing. Maybe I should just stop "wondering" and just listen to the records instead,lol.  Dead

RIP guys...your music will live on forever :) Blue Angel

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MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - March 21, 2013, 12:51 pm

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