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#The Sandwich ~ A Gender Quiz#


I know it is said that women are more "complex" than men, but I think I have found an amusing exception.

Scenario: You're making a sandwich. Just as you're placing the top slice of bread on your "Dagwood Special", a fly lands under it and is promptly suffocated in the mayo (or catsup, or mustard). Suffocated, not "smashed". Dead, but "intact".

Question: What do you do with the sandwich?

My theory of initial reactions, not the after-I-thought-about-it-awhile answers:
Most of the women have (already) said "Ewww, toss it out." Puke

Most of the men have to know at least 2 of the following 3 things before they can answer:

  1. How big is this fly? Big housefly-fly or little knat-fly fly?
  2. What type of sandwich? Roast beef or bologna?
  3. Are there enough ingredients to replace any "tainted" parts of the sandwich?

Your "assignment" is to read the part in blue to your sig-other get their initial reaction to how they would handle the scenario. If your sig-other is a man, I'm betting he has to ask you a question or 2, before making a decision. If your sig-other is a woman, you may not even be allowed to finish the "question".

JesterHow many men said they would pick the little knat out of the roast beef sandwich, and keep eating? 

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