We Forget: The Strength Of The Nation Is In Our Hands– Don't Let The Fascists Convince You That They


We Forget: The Strength Of The Nation Is In Our Hands– Don’t Let The Fascists Convince You That They Are Invulnerable



The Strength of Butterflies is in Their Wings

By Marcello Rollando  by Marcello Rollando


Remember this weekend marks four months since America was weakened by massacre. 


Remember members of Congress confess, with a mouse click online petitions are discarded as weak, but like the strength of butterfly wings, “one person face-to-face in their office, is one thousand votes.’

Remember more than pleasing NRA or congressional leadership, or dictates from Wall Street dictators; more than what constituents think best; doing what’s right for the country, or preserving, protecting and defending the equality and justice of all Americans, the number one agenda of any member of Congress, regardless of Party is:  to get re-elected.

Remember, to save other mothers and fathers from the sin of slaughter, Newtown parents bear the cross of their children’s death to a Hill faraway, so all see in their post Sandy Hook faces, the reflection of a corrupted Constitutional interpretation for blood and guts profit.

Remember our “Free Will” frees us to define “Land of the Free” as freedom to look the other way while in neighborhood streets, movie theatres, parking lots and schools, Americans of all ages are gun downed with military style super-sized multi-magazine assault weapons, or find the courage to go to “The Hill’ for a face-to-face that reminds Congress the civilized response to Cain is, the Second Amendment is not a license to kill.

Every parent, teacher or friend of someone whose life ended violently, deserves the freedom to be angry and left alone to grieve, or to carpool to State capitals and Congress and make leaders look into our national mirror at the reflection of their impotency in the face of corporate profit, immorality, greed, lies and violence. 

We are not born courageous, brave or without fear, but life sometimes thrusts crushing challenges on us to rise or fall before.  There is little fearlessness, only “feeling the fear and doing it anyway,” like “Mayors against illegal guns” and Connecticut’s “massacre control.” 

While “Mission Accomplished” profanes our national acclaim as “The Home of the Brave,” when we accept our national emergency as no more economic than it is educational and moral, solutions will reveal themselves. 

For this we need not be brave by choice, but open to being courageous out of necessity, for then the seemingly powerless become the mirrors in which the powerful see their Dorian Gray reflections. MOREHERE

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