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No hits lately...


I've hit a dry spell. No hits for a few days now. I've played lots of numbers but no return on them.

I watched a lady play the red white and blue 7's slot machine and slowly rack up a profit the other night at the Indian Casino here.

She definitely had a method...

The slot machine was a combination of digital and mechanical. The wheels were mechanical and spun around. It was a single line payoff machine. The machine had a daub button to allow the player to brake-stop any of the three wheels at anytime he should want.

She would tap the button to start it, and then hit the daub button once and wait. The next time she would hit the daub button twice quickly, and the third try she would hit it three times quickly, then repeat the process and mix it up randomly, but never daub the same back to back. It was like, daub once, daub three, daub two, daub once, daub two, daub three, daub once, ect...

Her cash winnings were slowly climbing up higher and higher. I remember her at about $130.00 when I quit watching her.

Play the slots nearest the front entrance to the casinos. They will pay off the best. It is set up that way intentionally to get the attention of people where the foot traffic is highest. This is where that lady was playing the red white and blue 7's too. My wife won $100.00 with the 7's last time we went, but I lost more than that at blackjack and 7's combined.

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TenajComment by Tenaj - May 6, 2006, 8:00 am
Yeah, I've seen them do that at Harrah's in Cherokee. The reason it is set up like that was to make it not just a complete game of chance, but player interactive that requires some type of thinking. Something other than just pulling the one arm bandit. Some people have it down to a science, like you say. First you line up the two that will give you the jackpot (you can lock it) and stop the other with daubs to hit the last one.

I like them better than the other slot machines.
sfilippoComment by sfilippo - May 7, 2006, 6:48 am
Hi Tenaj! I don't see much of you on the board lately...

I went back to the casino yesterday and tried my luck at the 7's and won $57.50 profit so their is definitely something to it. I only stayed about 15 minutes and didn't want to push my luck any further. I wish the casino wasn't so far away. With gas prices as they are, it's tough to take that chance very often...

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