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WH Insider: First Time BO Truly Fears American Public Opinion


WH Insider: First Time BO Truly Fears American Public Opinion



A brief but very much appreciated update received today from perhaps the most colorful and politically intelligent figure I have ever had the pleasure to call both friend and enemy – White House Insider.  The update focuses on just one subject – the all out attempt by a few key figures within the Obama White House to insulate the president from the damage now coming over the Benghazi Massacre and subsequent cover up, and certain operatives’ plans to prevent that from happening.

(“I think at this point it’s the first time since he’s been president that Barack Obama truly fears American public opinion.”   -WHI)



My boy my boy my boy.  We are finally seeing some real deal dynamics coming out to play on this Benghazi situation.  In case you might not know, there’s been some Republicans who have had at least some of this information for several weeks.  Not sure the game they are trying to play, or if they can even play it right.  Or get off their ass and onto the f*cking field.  I already told you it’s the CIA’s turn next and it looks like that part is about to develop.  Now here’s the thing about CIA.  Those boys don’t play nice.  You sh*t on them, they shove a size 12 so far up your ass you can tie the laces with your teeth.  Jarrett don’t quite know that world, and she’s way overplayed her one real card in all of this.  Now she’s trying to call in favors within the party, but the party don’t much care for her.  Never has.  Feared her plenty.  Never liked her though.  Most of them ain’t calling her back.

She’s got Kerry running interference inside State, but he’s an incompetent and will f*ck that up soon enough.  Carney is just about as used up as a two dollar hooker during shore leave.  Poor dumb <snip>.  Got him walking the plank every time he goes out there now.  He’s got that Mike McCurry “why did I ever take this job” look to him.  I know that look well.  I actually don’t mind Carney so much.  He’s in way over his head now though and he knows it.


Now I don’t want you getting your hopes up too much just yet.  Lots of sh*t can go wrong here.  First, we’re talking the Republican leadership, right?  That bunch of flatulent dimwits could always manage to learn new ways of being stupid.  See McCain doing his same old “don’t jump to conclusions” bullsh*t on Benghazi while at the same time pushing for more resources to go to the revolution in Syria?  The guy has more than a touch of the simple these days.  Traitorous lying old f*ck.  Give him a camera and he’ll be there in a second.  Give him a way to defeat Obama and he backs off at the last minute because he still ain’t over his personal dislike of the Republican candidate.  Never seen that kind of sh*t from Republicans before but it’s pretty much what they’re all about these days.

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