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Powerball... powerball... powerball!


I wonder if the data is enough to try an empirical "process-of-elimination" based on past pernormance of the numbers on saturday (as announcers), the observed ranges and the bell curve indicators...

Might be worth a try. I will add 1 pick using the above method to the 1 system pick just for kicks... last time I used the above method, there were only 120 draws in history, with 86 more draws, maybe the announcers have settled and the bell curve is more "guessable"... time will tell...

Entry #42


Comment by pigskin - September 28, 2004, 10:38 am
It is obvious that your political comments are tongue-in-cheek so I will not have to regard them as the irrational ravings of a disturbed madman. Why waste your time fooling around with a subject (politics) of which you know nothing? Let's talk about PB. Obviously you are playing around with ideas trying for a shot in the dark to hit the jackpot. I really can't knock you because I've done the same thing for years in the past and haven't come across anything that would isolate the correct winning numbers down to a possible few. But if you are blike me, you'll keep on trying, day after day, week after week, year after year. Others will be doing the same, including myself...even though the chances of a breakthrough are so minisule that even the supreme optimist would dismiss any chance of success. Now that I have your attention...I hope I haven't lost you by now...here's the proper program. I've alluded to this on several boards but now I'll get specific. There are 10,000 members on this board...most of them apparently doing nothing waiting for a miracle. If 10% of them canbe mobilized to act in concert...they're going to play the lottery anyway, otherwise what are they doing here...we'll work together to vastly improve our chances of winning. We'll have to agree on how everyone will participate if a hit is made. If we should hit the jackpot, the member with the winning ticket only keeps a fraction of the jackpot. I feel I've got the best way to select possible winning combos...but as I said, what's a member of the group got to lose. Now if you'll stop this political wailing and knashing of teeth, as the Good Book puts it, and instead, do what the Godfather would advise you to do...summon all your powers to ponder and decide if this is the proper approach. And if you feel there is a chance it might work, how your energies would be diverted from your political nonsense to figuring out how to attack something that is really important..hitting the PB jackpot. On the other have if you find no merit in this PB plan...please just post 'merely the ravings of a lottery madman' and I'll be left to sulk and brood over another imploded attempt to beat the PB.     Pigskin
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - September 29, 2004, 4:49 am
I am playing PB for fun, the math that goes into selecting my picks is a hobby. If it ever did pay off, I would rather it was for a jackpot than for 1/1000th of a jackpot. Many people play pools/clubs/syndicates... I am not one.
As for being raving mad, you bet I am! You would be too if the high-paying (relative to other local jobs) high tech job that you were VERY good at and VERY happy with was taken from you for no good reason and sent to Mexico where someone else was going to do it without the OSHA safety net for $5 a week...
I don't need to be a poli-sci major to know when I am getting the shaft, and I plan on voting to do something about it.
As for your pool, good luck, I am sure there are other members that would be interested... Personally, I would rather play one ticket for 128,000,000 than spend $xx for a (still long) shot at 128,000.

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