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999 Pick 34: A Serious Tip About "Series"...


Perhaps one of my biggest discoveries in the Pick 34 games is when I learned which digits are twins to each other.

Using such knowledge, when you are expecting a "series" in the games as we are today, you may want to cover all bases for the win, especially if you are a single-state, non-computerized drawing Player.

Today I told 999 subscribers to look for a series. It's the second time this week, but the series just won't stop popping for some reason. I also posted some extra plays you might want to consider when you "know" a series is coming, but you don't know which one.

In fact, I would have never caught that 378 Straight today 5/25, without such knowledge:

SBIP$999 New Jersey Pick 3 Midday Straight + 6-Way Box 3-7-8 3-7-8 $290
SBIP$999 Ohio Pick 3 Midday 6-Way Box 3-4-5 4-3-5 $40

While one would never guess that 378 came as an "alternative" or "twin" series, the proof is in the pudding, ie 3=6 seven days a week.

You can view it on my post for 5/25 here which gives you a few more #s to consider anytime you are looking for a series. You may want to bookmark the list or print it out for future reference.

Good luck Player!

Entry #625


Comment by SBIP$999 - May 25, 2013, 3:04 pm
Series today? Who knew...
SBIP$999     Arkansas     Cash 3 Midday     6-Way Box     2-3-4     4-2-3     $40
SBIP$999     Delaware     Play 3 Day     6-Way Box     8-9-0     0-8-9     $40
SBIP$999     Delaware     Play 3 Day     Straight + 6-Way Box     0-8-9     0-8-9     $290
SBIP$999     Delaware     Play 3 Day     6-Way Box     8-9-0     0-8-9     $40
SBIP$999     New Jersey     Pick 3 Midday     Straight + 6-Way Box     3-7-8     3-7-8     $290
SBIP$999     Ohio     Pick 3 Midday     6-Way Box     3-4-5     4-3-5     $40
SBIP$999     Texas     Pick 3 Day     6-Way Box     3-4-5     4-5-3     $40
Comment by SBIP$999 - May 25, 2013, 3:27 pm
NC: 1708 (Twin Series)

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