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House Passes Bill Banning Abortion After 20 Weeks



This is a hollow victory knowing that we need to ban all abortion and knowing beyond that, that this bill will never make it through the Democrat Senate or past the Democrat President who has promised to veto it.

And what a legacy to leave for those who voted nay on this bill.

To have your name forever on the list of people who refused to give God's little ones a chance at life.

To have your name on the list with those monsters who salivate at the idea of babies being torn limb from limb while alive in the womb or having their heads twisted off of their bodies after being born alive and waiting for their mother's touch.

You're monsters, you're all bloodthirsty, ghoulish spawn of the devil.

And you'll all reap what you've sown.

You should all be on your knees begging God for forgiveness for what you've done.

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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - June 19, 2013, 2:20 am
Pelosi is one of the ring leaders on the issue of late term abortion.

Pelosi: Late-term abortions 'sacred'

Interesting comment on dna

ringbolt9 6 minutes ago

science has proven there is seperate dna present at conception thus it is two seperate people. if some want to kill the child thru abortion fine thats your opinion but dont pretend its anything else than murder. its the one thing i hate about the democrat party - how they are owned by the abortion lobby
rdgrnrComment by rdgrnr - June 19, 2013, 9:37 am
Thanks JAP.
Pelosi calls herself a "good Catholic" while she calls the right to butcher babies "sacred", while she calls the people who want to stop the slaughter "reprehensible".
You won't find a more succinct example of evil Democrat Logic than that right there.
She makes the good bad and the bad good.
She makes the truth a lie and the lie a truth.
There's some of the spiritual wickedness in high places spoken of in Ephesians for ya right there.

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