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Number Chop with Lottery Charts


A member contacted me yesterday with the question, "How can I get my hands on the lottery charts.?" I assume he/she thought the charts was my own property. But, actually this is an awsome tool available right here on the Lottery Post...Thank you Todd and the rest of the Lottery Post team for this one!

Somtimes I spend countless hours chopping away at numbers trying to come up with the best possible. But when I came across the Lottery Charts under the "Resources" tab, this was like an assist for the winning basket in a championship game...Here's why!

Let's just say. Today's winning midday pick 3 drawing is 322...I know a great number of you are familiar with the method of rundowns...Let's spice it up with the use of the "charts"....Pull up the pick 3 sums tool. I use the straight combinations chart, but it works with either one you choose. We are now going to add each digit up, like they do in NY to come up with the lucky sum...3+2+2=7...So the next thing to do is go to the chart an locate the sum(s) of 7...You'll see that there are 36 different straight combinations for the sum total of 7 known as "quants."

I then locate the number 322 and it's quant, which is the 23rd quant...I would now subtract 23 from 36, giving me 13...Now I can either go to the sums of thirteen(13), or I can choose to go with the 13th quant of the sum of 7....that number is 061...or we can impliment the sum total 13 & 23rd quant...328...Becuase the sum(s) of 13 has 75 different straight combos(quants), leaving (75-13) 62 quants remaining...742 is the 62nd quant of the sum 13...(6+2)...then 8. The 8th quant is 148 

Now we can take the results to determine the strongest or most desirable numbers to play as so...




1-4-8...I then add each up without the carryover's...

1-6-9. The sum is 16, which is the 4th quant of an overall total of 69 quants. Now take that 4 from 69, and you get 65...934 is the 65th quant...take 65 from 69=4 again!

Now what I will do is write down all the numbers proceeding and following each of the six above numbers, 061^328^742^148^169^934....Ok!

0-5-2^0-6-1^070, 3-1-9^3-2-8^3-3-7, 7-3-3^7-4-2^7-5-1, 1-3-9^1-4-8^1-5-7....

0-9-7^1-6-9^1-7-8, and 9-2-5^9-3-4^9-4-3.

Notice the numbers in green mirror each other...3-3-7^7-3-3, 3-1-9^1-3-9, and 9-3-4...

9-4-3...So these are the best picks! Now you can play all six combinations, or play whichever three(3) combos that look good to you!

shhhhhhh...And that is it. I hope I didn't take up to much of your time...lol...And if I did, that is was time well spent....Thank you, and be blessed!Cheers

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