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999 Images, Series, "Double Doubles" and CheatSheets...


On 06/22 I had an image. Not anything unusual because I have images of pick 3 and pick 4 combinations almost daily (knock on wood).

The image was "876". So I posted it at Maynu's Dream Numbers as I always do, and notified readers to look for a series to show in the P34 games over the next few days.

Today, 6/24, I posted the calendar numbers, usually just one combination for the pick 3 and one combination for the pick 4 games.

I posted it as follows:


Today's Date

June 24

 from the 999 Calendar Collection

(Any Year) 












Includes 1 day before and 1 day after, consider all for best results

Well, I know my image had been 876, and I knew a series should show from that type combination. I usually use my pick 3 images to predict plays on the LP board for two days, and the pick 4 images, I run them for three days because sometimes it takes that long for an "image" to manifest itself in this realm from whatever realm it comes from. So we saw a few series in the pick 3 and some in the pick 4 games as expected.
So, tomorrow we see a 7447 on the calendar for June. My image today included a lot of those digits. My theory is that we will see a "double double" in our lottery draws during a three day time period, namely one day before, one day after and maybe on the day of. MI spit out 2323 today (which is the day before the 25th), but there will probably be more. So you may want to play your favorites, or use the "double doubles" list for 2013 if you have it.
Who wants to bet we'll see a double double in the Pick 4 in the next day or two?
If you want a full calendar for July as found on my newly created "CheatSheets" for Pick 34, take a look at my homepage. Try to grab it by midnight tonight since I will be mailing them out tomorrow.
Entry #629


Comment by SBIP$999 - June 25, 2013, 10:15 pm
Did you take the bet? You would have lost cause "oops...there it is!" :)-
SBIP$999     Oregon     Pick 4 4pm     6-Way Box     1-7-7-1     7-7-1-1     $400
SBIP$999     Oregon     Pick 4 4pm     6-Way Box     7-1-1-7     7-7-1-1     $400
The calendar tells all.

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