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Possible Trojans on some lottery programs.


Last Edited: June 28, 2013, 2:53 pm

stoopendaal has made some lottery programs some free and some not.

I use several antimalware programs on my computer to check programs with.

I have to do that, because no one program finds everything.

While some of those programs don't find any malware on stoopendaal's programs a few of them do find trojans on some of his programs.


Thru the years I have tested dozens of lottery programs for malware using many antimalware programs and most of those lottery programs came out clean.

But on quite a few of those  programs made by stoopendaal a few antimalwares find trojans and it has been like that for many years.

Because only some of the antimalware programs find trojans on them I don't know for sure if they do have trojans or not.

Remember, not each of the antimalwares finds everything.

But also remember that some antimalwares do give a few fault positives.

Either way, use any software at your own risk.

If it was just one antimalware giving positives I would say that they were false, but it is more than one program that give positives and it isn't just one of stoopendaal's programs that come out positive, but at least half of them do.

That doesn't mean that you can't or should not use them, just use them at your own risk.

Good Luck!


This is just one small sample for one of stoopendaal's programs of what the programs show but they show that for many of his programs and a few antimalware programs report such things.

Name    LTG.exe
Location    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\OtherLottery Programs\0IntelBet\LTG
Size    292 KB
Time    2.9 days ago (2013-06-25 16:00:12)
Entropy    6.7
Product    LTG
Description    LTG
Copyright    Copyright ©  2012
SHA-256    55FB04B656B088A5F6FF865133FA5CCA106315F408549B79DF8E9F8A96C40AD1

Detection Names
Ikarus    Trojan.Win32.Comitsproc!IK

Scoring (103.0)
One or more antivirus vendors have indicated that the file is malicious.
Time indicates that the file appeared recently on this computer.
Authors name is missing in version info. This is not common to most programs.

Entry #4


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