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WH Insider – Obama Openly Weeping: 'They're Going To Impeach Me'


WH Insider – Obama Openly Weeping: ‘They’re Going To Impeach Me’

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Does Barack Obama already know his fate? According to this story from Conservative America Online and a White House ‘Insider’, Obama has even been talking with his friends about the ‘I’ word. Barack has NOBODY to blame but himself if impeachment comes to fruition. He was given a mandate to bring ‘change’ to America and he merely brought us Bush’s 3rd and 4th terms, endless wars, drone strikes on innocent children, and continues building something resembling a ‘police state’ in America. Even mainstream liberals are now calling for Obama’s impeachment now as shared by Christopher Greene in the video below. I KNOW you know how to contact me Barack, I’ll be more than happy to give you a few words of advice… it’s sure starting to seem you’ll need them. (BTW FYI – While Obama was in high school in Hawaii back in 1979, I dated a girl who went to the same school, Punahou, and still keep in touch with her. Hi Penny!)

A White House insider claims that Barack Obama has confided to friends, “They’re going to impeach me.” 

That’s the revelation coming from the Globe which also claims that a distressed Obama “can’t eat or sleep” and “has been walking the White House’s halls at night, bizarrely staring at the portrait of Abraham Lincoln for inspiration.”


According to the tabloid, an “inside source” claims; “Numerous times his aides and friends have seen him openly weeping” and Obama “is petrified that he will have to resign in disgrace or be thrown out of office in disgrace.” 

Of course, talk of impeachment is not confined to the tabloids. Andrew B Wilson recently opened an article, “Impeach Obama?” for the American Spectator by posing the question: “Don’t even think it, Rush says. But let’s think it anyway.”

On the liberal side of the world, Michael Tomasky, writing for the Daily Beast recently spoke at length on the subject in an article titled “The Coming Attempt to Impeach Obama:”

“[T]he double-barrel revelations that the White House hasn’t quite been telling the whole story on Benghazi and that some mid-level IRS people targeted some Tea Party groups for scrutiny are guaranteed to ramp up the crazy [on impeachment]… and the people in the White House <snip> well better fear the same…”

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