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Are Americans Really Ready To Forfeit Their Future?


Last Edited: July 20, 2013, 4:26 am



By J.B. Williams             July 17, 2013             NewsWithViews.com

As             an opinion writer of nearly twenty years now, thousands of reader             responses over those years taught me one thing above all else, that             Americans are nothing if not opinionated. No matter what side you             take on any issue, you will find those who agree and those who disagree,             as well as those who admittedly just don’t know.

Best             I can tell after years of engagement with readers all across the country             and around the globe, our society breaks down into only a few categories…

             Those who think self-serving global Marxism is the future Those who think self-indulgent anarchy is             the future Those who aren’t aware of the present,             much less the future Those who know history and are frightened             of our future Those who are ready to fight for our future,             driven by our past

People             who think government is responsible for their happiness are not happy.             People who know it is government that is stealing their right to pursue             happiness are not happy either. But is anyone really good and pissed             off yet?

No             matter which group someone resides in, they are not happy with our             current government. Congress is at an all-time low 6% public approval             rating with Republicans controlling the House and Democrats controlling             the Senate. Over 70% of Americans have no faith in the U.S. Supreme             Court as defender of Constitutional Law and the vast majority of Americans             can’t even figure out who the guy is sitting in our White House              “fundamentally changing America” into something it was             never intended to be, part of some left-wing global Marxist experiment.

Yet,             there are no real signs of any significant uprising by the American             people, who still outnumber the global Marxists and illegal aliens,             at least for the moment.

Divided             by childish turf wars and competing pet agendas, the so-called patriotic             resistance is quite frankly, a joke. No one has been able to muster             even a coffee clutch march on Washington DC since 2009 and most patriot             groups around back then aren’t even around anymore.

In             short, Americans are more focused on America’s Got Talent than             America’s Got Freedom. Americans appear war weary before the             real battle for freedom even begins, and they seem all too ready to             forfeit their future, if you buy the current whining and sniveling             about how “there is nothing we can do” which floods the             blogosphere and email chains these days.

Are             Americans really ready to forfeit?

I             have been trying not to say this for five years now… hoping             that at some point, all so-called patriot groups would drop their             turf wars and pet agendas and unite behind the simple fundamental             cause of decency, honor, freedom, liberty and justice under the rule             of constitutional law. That has not happened…

There             is ONE place where YOU             can join with others in an effort to work together, multiplying             your power in peaceful tangible strategies aimed entirely at the fundamental             cause of freedom, liberty and the rule of law, not Ivy League             lawyers. There are not many places, but there is at least ONE place             where you can find these things if you only choose to join the ranks.

While             it is true that all of the things we used to be able to rely upon,             honorable statesmen, real courts that provide equal justice under             the law and a pro-American administration, are absent today, it is             not true that there is nothing we can do about it…

While             it is true that many competing groups are driven by pet agendas, turf             wars and even profit motives, it is also true that there are people             in this country who are ready to stand together for freedom and liberty.             


While             it is true that there are retired high-ranking military officers more             concerned with their pensions and tee times than the future of this             country, it is also true that there are some who will give all for             the cause of freedom.

While             it is true that some veterans are perfectly happy to sit it out on             the sidelines as long as the beer is flowing at the local VFW, there             are other veterans who live by the oath they took to protect and defend             the U.S. Constitution and the American people from all enemies, foreign             and domestic.

The             question is… where do you stand?

If             you are ready to forfeit, to throw in the towel on American freedom             and liberty, then you can sit it out anywhere you like. All the way             back at the first American Revolution, 1/3 sat it out perfectly fine             with British rule, and another 1/3 was completely unaware. The last             1/3 paid the price of freedom and liberty for all…

I             suspect that not much has changed since then… Real Americans             don’t take an oath to stand down in the face of illegal orders              -- they accept an oath to rise up against all enemies, foreign and             domestic. Real Americans aren’t shackled by political or legal             processes run amok -- they toss off their chains and right their ship.

At             best -- only 1/3 of Americans will pay the price of freedom and liberty             for all again. Are you one of them? Are we still the home of the brave?             -- Because if we aren’t, then we are no longer the land of the             free.

With             more than 300 million Americans in this country today, we should have             100 million (1/3) ready to determine the future of this country peacefully             and if we do, then less than a thousand corrupt politicians and lawyers             in Washington DC don’t have a chance. There is much we can do!

Because             the broad patriot movement has been moving in opposite directions,             focused on competing pet agendas and stacking up defeat after defeat             for better than five years now, a very different kind of organization             was formed by the type of Americans who still believe in freedom,             liberty and justice for all.

This             group is self-funded – very focused – totally united –              capable and determined to win. It was formed by and is run by true             patriots, the kind of veterans             willing to give all for freedom and legal             experts ready to fight evil on all fronts. All we need is more             like us…. Is that you?

Most             Americans will not answer any call to join the ranks of anything they             suspect to be real and they will have a plethora of excuses. Some             will directly attack this column for being so bold as to distinguish             between sunshine patriots and real patriots. We are not looking for             those kind of Americans… we are looking for a special kind of             American. -- The kind that founded and built the greatest nation ever             known to mankind.

Is             there really nothing we can do? Or are most Americans just not willing             to do the things that must be done peacefully, before violent alternatives             are all that remain?

Thousands             of Americans have taken to the streets over the sad and tragic death             of one teenager in the wrong place at the wrong time. Where are the             millions of Americans who have seen the death of three thousand Americans             on September 11, 2001 – or the four Americans left defenseless             by our government in Benghazi – or the members of SEAL TEAM             6 that died with a target painted on their backs by Joseph Biden,             Barack Obama and Leon Panetta?

What             difference does it make?

Contrary             to Hillary Clinton’s proclamation that none of these people             or incidents matter, they matter very much. They make all the difference             in the world…

Are             YOU the type of American who will join with others who demand answers             and solutions? Or are you the type of American afraid to be associated             with this type of Americans?

Are             you the type of American who sits around wondering what’s happening,             or ignoring what’s happening with a sense of defeat? Or are             you the type of American committed to making the right things happen,             no matter the odds? Are you the “only violence can save America”              type, or the “we must do all we can before the violence”              type?


Not             every American is well-suited for freedom and liberty and as a result,             many are willing to live in bondage rather than pay the price of freedom.             What type of American are you?

I             didn’t bother attacking the overtly anti-American media here,             because if we still had Americans in America, they would be completely             irrelevant by now.

If             you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, JOIN             ME! We work tangible strategies at the local, state and federal             level, from the legislative, legal and military sides. We are NOT             a PAC because individuals should give political donations only directly             to the candidates of their choice.

Our             members are doing everything they can. But as Lee states it quite             well, we             are too few! If you are the type of American that will pay the             price of freedom and liberty for all those who will never even thank             you, please JOIN             US! We need YOU and America needs YOU more than ever before…

Time             is growing short… Be the hero you were born to be. The alternative             is horrific. Don’t forfeit our future… Help us decide             our own destiny.

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