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Iran May Already Have Nuclear Bomb: Expert


"Iran May Already Have Nuclear Bomb: Expert

May 21, 2006
Press Trust of India

"Iran may already possess a nuclear bomb but is "smart" enough to pretend to be on the way to achieving nuclear capability so that it could induce concessions from the international community, an Israeli nuclear expert has claimed.

The Iranians are not necessarily presenting the true facts to the world and may be showing the IAEA dummy presentations of an unfinished bomb, while hiding a fully developed bomb elsewhere, former head of the Nuclear Engineering Department at Ben-Gurion University, Professor Zeev Alfassi, told Ynet.

Tehran may be holding the true bomb in caves or in underground facilities, Alfassi told the news portal.

However, he ruled out any chances that the Islamic Republic will use its nuclear capability saying, "their thinking is fantastic."

"The Iranians, in terms of threats, are smarter than everyone. They threaten with a bomb and the world gives them anything they want, as long as they dont throw the bomb", the expert said.

"Being offered a reward instead of a punishment testifies to the fact that they are very smart," he added.

Alfassi said even five to six bombs won't destroy the Jewish state. A nuclear bomb could definitely hit an entire city, but not destroy a state, he said.

However, if the Iranians fire even one bomb, the United States will annihilate them, the nuclear expert noted suggesting, "If we don't create panic, the Americans won't deal with it."

Alfassi called on the public to recognise the true proportions of the threat claiming that heat and shock waves and not radioactivity factor was the most severe damages by the bomb.

Radioactive material can even aid in treating diseases like cancer, he said noting that even if a nuclear bomb scatters poisonous matter, the danger is not great.

"It's like giving people over 50 a regular dose of aspirin. It would be reasonable if someone was told to stand in a radioactive cell because it could eliminate the development of cancer," Alfassi told the portal.

As part of his research he experimented on rats and dogs, and found out that in Japan the method is used to treat cancer patients.

The professor's recently edited, "Chemical analyses and nuclear methods," has been translated to Persian.

The book does not divulge any information on the atomic bomb but Tehran closely tracks the publication of any book about nuclear science, he said."



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Comment by pacattack05 - May 23, 2006, 2:12 am
I wouldn't worry too much about Iran. Their old way mentality will fail them. Trust me, I'm Iranian, and have seen that ilk.

Even if China and the Russia are in cahoots. No one wants total anhiliation.
That has always been the primer for a way out. Throwing our existence out with a bang, was never the standard thought. Or even an option. That seemingly fail-safe reality might wither away as time goes on globally. Once the United corruption.....oops....I meant the United Nations gets their head out of their hats, and enforces the rules for heaven sake. So much diddling around all the time, and nothing gets done. It seems now that the opponents to the UN are basically balking at the world. This needs to stop right away.

That's when it gets scary....When the united majority can't conform their adversaries to adhere to rules. The biggest dilemma of all time has been that Human Kind will have this never ending battle not just on the outside, but on the inside. It's never been about religion, sect, belief, race. It was always about how humans can interact with each other in the most positive way, loving, caring and the likes. Yes, that's the way it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, humans, as you know in general are selfish.

As long as people can't find a way to resolve what are really easy issuses, considering the lifestyle is clean, there is no hope. A friend once told me why he didn't believe in highly advanced ufos and the creatures within them. He said that using the Earth's history as a template of the basic makeup of the universe, any civilization on any given planet wouldn't advance far enough to contain the boom of science, and survive. Basically what he was saying is that all civilizations throughout the universe, who are on the verge of a scientific breakthrough at it's Zenith, would be too smart for itself and fizzle itself out. Like a WWIII thing going on all through the vast universe amongst various civilizations. The corruption always fell them short.

To date, there has never been a civilization or Empire that survived. Would you like a list? I know that you know who they are....LOL

Maybe that's why GOD has to do it this way....It does seem cruel, however, He only goes to show how important it is to love one another, and that's the only company he wants. Not people who will always try to bring him down.......LOL

konaneComment by konane - May 23, 2006, 9:20 am
I've read in a metaphysical publication which by the way has been very accurate, that Iran will undergo a "soft revolution" because all the barbaric chest beating we're witnessing right now doesn't make sense to younger educated Iranians.

I hope it's sooner than later and that message of love and get along with one another spreads all over the world.

Remove all special interests, all instigators from all governments and the people themselves would probably bring it about much more easily.

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