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Let Me Show You How Democrats Operate Using One Of Our Own As An Example (Updated With Quotes 8/11)


Last Edited: August 11, 2013, 1:30 am

Ya wanna see the most prolific, baldfaced liar on this site?

I think most people know that Democrats promote their agenda through lies and corruption. It's the only way they can get people to support their policies. If they told people the truth about their aims, they wouldn't get any support.

But for those of you who are yet unaware or unbelieving of how far they go to lie and deceive, I can show you an example right here in the LP Blogs.

Check out Truesee's Blog for an entry titled, "The Tragedy Of America's Great Food Stamp Binge." I think it posted yesterday.

There is one comment in the Blog posted by one "Lucky Loser," a Democrat.

It is just one big fat lie, from beginning to end.

And as he is telling this pack of lies, he is warning you not to believe the other side because they are "toxic."

It's quite a fairy tale he spins too.

He claims that Obama was actually against the food stamp bill in 2008 and that the Republicans pushed it through and Obama, as President, vetoed it.

LMAO! Now is that a big, fat, bald-faced lie or what?

But that is how Democrats operate, they just revise history by lying about it!   

Here are the facts to change Lucky Loser's Lies back to fact and truth: 

First: Obama wasn't even President in 2008! He couldn't veto sh*t even if he wanted to, which he didn't! Bush vetoed the bill!

Second: The Republicans didn't push the bill through and couldn't if they wanted to, the Democrats had an overwhelming majority!

Third: Even though Loser said Obama was President, he wasn't, he was a Senator and as was his custom, he didn't even vote on the bill!

So I'll let you decide who's "toxic" to the truth.

I've caught the Loser in many lies, this is just the latest.

But you can't embarrass him or even get him to admit he's been caught lying again cuz he's a Democrat and he'll just lie some more. It's his nature. It's every Democrat's nature. They're born liars. Every last one of 'em, without exception. They do the bidding of the Father of all Liars.

And by their fruits ye shall know them.


Lucky Loser Quote (Lie):

"Yep, as usual, they blame Ba-Ba for the Food Stamp deal when the (R) actually
pushed this through back in 2008...after Ba-Ba vetoed it. Yeah, he vetoed an
increase in food stamp spending... for all of you hoodwinked individuals. I
actually posted the link a long time ago about this same thing..."



Another Lucky Loser Quote (Lie):

"Yeah, he had a plan to get people off food stamps and motivated to get jobs as
far as my research and notes confirm. But, the (R) knew as fact that the stamps
would be needed due to the anticipated recession from the Bush years...and this
is why they side stepped BO's veto. Please educate yourselves instead taking all
the media's and talk show hosts word for any and everything you hear, folks.
Those entities are TOXIC at the least."


Yeah, like Loser says, watch out for those TOXIC entities, they'll LIE to you! 


Entry #676


Comment by Ronnie316 - August 10, 2013, 8:59 pm
Nice work Ridge, LL's original premise is laughable considering all the tax payer funded radio spots that have gone out the last couple of years deeming food stamps as "nutrition assistance" and perfectly acceptable for anyone who would like to fill out an application.
rdgrnrComment by rdgrnr - August 10, 2013, 9:29 pm
Thanks Ronnie.
Yeah, they're pushing 'em real heavy around here. Trying to get people to think the government is supposed to feed them so they'll vote Democrat to keep 'em.
But people around here are too proud even a lot of the poor ones.
It's just Democrat corruption and vote buying, plain and simple.
With our money.
emilygComment by emilyg - August 10, 2013, 9:38 pm
You bet ur sweet arse - it's corrupt voter buying.
MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - August 10, 2013, 11:38 pm
That is their agenda Ridge. They wouldn't know the truth if it was sitting next to them. I've pointed lies to him before but all I ever got back was another lie, and yes he believes them..
All their lies are coming back to haunt them and it won't be long before the biggest lie himself is out in the open...!
MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - August 11, 2013, 9:02 am
President and Senator Obama not Straight on Food Stamp Eligibility
President Obama recently said,

First of all, I don't put people on food stamps. People become eligible for food stamps. Second of all, the initial expansion of food-stamp eligibility happened under my Republican predecessor, not under me. Number three, when you have a disastrous economic crash that results in 8 million people losing their jobs, more people are going to need more support from government.

One major change in food stamp rules -- in the direction of more generosity -- occurred with the 2009 "stimulus" law, which has President Obama's signature, not Bush's.

Another major change in food stamp rules -- in the direction of more generosity -- occurred with the 2008 Farm Bill. We all know that Bush was president in 2008. But what Obama hopes you do not know is that Bush never signed it. Here's wikipedia's narrative:

On May 15, the House and Senate passed the bill, but President Bush issued a veto on May 21. The House voted to overturn the president's veto shortly thereafter, and with the margins by which the bill was passed, a Senate override also occurred; so the Congress overrode the president's veto, passing the bill into law (Public Law 110-234, the Food and Energy Security Act of 2007). However, the veto override was moot, as a 34-page section of the bill was omitted in the version sent to the White House. In effect, the President vetoed a bill Congress never considered. The bill had to be re-passed by Congress.

The House passed the Farm Bill again on May 22, and the Senate shortly thereafter. President Bush again vetoed the measure, but this veto was overridden in both Houses on June 18, so the Farm Bill in its entirety became law.

In summary, Bush vetoed that law twice.

Meanwhile, Obama was a U.S. Senator in 2008. Senator Obama had THREE chances to vote against it, but he never did (he abstained all three times).

Finally, President Obama's Agriculture Department has been remarkably complicit, if not wholeheartedly enthusiastic, with the states', since inauguration day, using the rules from the 2002 and 2008 Farm bills to soak the U.S. taxpayer.

Some, but very little, of the increase in food stamp spending can be attributed to the recession or any other factor pushing people into poverty. It's all about the program's getting more generous.

Whether expanding the food stamp program is "good" or "bad" is a different matter. President Obama deserves some of the credit or blame for those expansions; President Bush deserves none.

[Technical note. One of the provisions of the 2008 Farm Bill, and of the 2009 stimulus law, was to sharply increase what the USDA calls the "maximum benefit." This provision alone expands eligibility and participation, because the maximum benefit determines the amount of income over which food stamp benefits are fully phased out: a larger maximum means that incomes that would be assigned little or no benefit are suddenly assigned a significant benefit. That's part of the reason why the average income of people receiving food stamps actually INCREASED between 2007 and 2010 (see Table A.27 here). The provision also encourages states to do their part to expand eligibility.

Other eligibility related provisions include, but are not limited to, relaxation of the food stamp asset test (2008 Farm bill) and granting states some relief from the requirement that a fraction of their food stamp caseload be employed (2009 stimulus law).]

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