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Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Laugh


Ya just gotta laugh sometimes.

It's the only way you can reconcile somethings with reality.

Some of the things iterated by our local trolls here just defy logic. But then, a Democrat will always be a Democrat. A leopard doesn't change his spots and a Democrat doesn't stop lying in any situation short of being on the ground with a boot planted firmly on the side of his neck. And that's my preferred way to listen to them rattle anyway. They tend to keep things more in perspective that way.

And if you object to treating them that way, remember this: Every Democrat with his head in the dirt with a boot on his neck is one less Democrat going slow in the fast lane on the interstate, tying up traffic for miles. As far as annoying the normal people, which is their favorite pastime, causing huge traffic backups on the interstate rates in the top ten in satisfaction for all Democrats. Of course the ultimate thrill of killing babies is Number One. They love killing babies more than anything else in the world. Just think, the power to decide who lives and who dies...the ultimate power trip...the ultimate in control over people...Ahh, Nirvana!

Of course, there is no actual decision about which babies live and which babies die. They all die. They kill them all. That's the money shot for them. That's what gets them off. That's the ultimate thrill. But I digress.

On August 10th I posted a piece entitled "Let me show you how Democrats operate..." and I very explicitly pointed out the blatant lies of one of our trolls, Limpy Loser (Lucky Loser). This idiot tries to take lying to an art form. But he's a very bad artist. I catch him every time (and he hates that, lol).

In that piece I de-constructed him and his agenda down to the basic parts which is just plain and simple boilerplate Democrat weasel-like tactics. He's not even good at it though. He brings an aura of amateurism to it. He thinks that most of us don't know for instance that the heart of Democrat propaganda is always some hard-left Democrat schmuck pretending to be "the voice of reason" and just your average, everyday working stiff whose politics would be best described as "middle of the road" and whose political allegiance, if he even has any, lies "neither on the left nor the right". He's just for "common sense" government. Heh,heh,heh...

The fact of the matter is that Limpy Loser is a hard left Democrat and takes to lying like a duck to water, just like they all do.

If you recall my blog where I outed him for the unmitigated, bald-faced LIAR he is, you'll remember how he called all of the patriots and other normal people here "hoodwinked individuals" as he went on a bash bender against Conservative hosts whom he labeled "TOXIC" and "liars." It was quite an effort on his part. He truly went all out. And it was all lies. He humiliated himself.

I showed you the truth about Limpy Loser and used his direct quotes verbatim to prove everything I said. That's established. That's documented. You know it. I know it. He knows it. He's a LIAR. And he's never refuted it or tried to object to anything I said because he knows what he said was all lies and what I said was the truth

But one quality that most Democrats lack is a sense of shame when caught in a compromising position. They have no sense of shame. Look at Weiner and Spitzer and Filbin and all the other Democrats caught up in scandals and lies and corruption. They don't care. They know their constituents don't care cuz their constituents are a bunch of scum bags just like they are! They're Democrats! They don't give a flyin' f--k on a rat's ass what you do as long as there's something in it for them! They commiserate with liars! They identify with liars! They are liars!

And that's why Limpy Loser continues his charade in the blogs that still choose to allow trolls. He's still giving speeches on virtue and playing the "middle of the road, voice of reason" routine who supposedly tapes every radio and television show on Earth and then weighs everything said and gives his unbiased critique based on his "notes and research", LMAO! What a load o' horse sh*t! I'm almost embarrassed for the poor schmuck. Somebody pay some attention to him, PLEASE!

So that is why I say that sometimes ya just gotta laugh.

He knows we all know he's a liar and that he got busted lying BIG TIME but he's going to go on lying anyway. That's just the MO of every Democrat. They can't stop lying. It's a passion. It's an addiction.

I don't know, maybe he thinks he can fool new members who don't know what a liar he is yet. It's a sad situation when you think about it.

But when you see Limpy Loser pontificating on something, as is his wont, just remember it will be all lies but don't get mad. Just laugh.

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MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - August 24, 2013, 10:12 am
Good piece Ridge, I've laughed at all of them because I, like you have caught them in lies, but to me I could care less what they think, or what they're trying to accomplish. One lie after another and then try to camouflage their actions by trying to convince themselves they are right.
I don't even look at the trash they spew anymore, because they are like you say just making asses out of themselves.    SPOT ON...!!!
dallascowboyfanComment by dallascowboyfan - August 24, 2013, 2:24 pm
Good job Ridge! Well you know their party mascot is a jackass/ donkey... Lol.
rdgrnrComment by rdgrnr - August 24, 2013, 9:28 pm
Ya know, for now, if we could just get them to stop driving slow in the fast lane, I think I'd be happy, lol.
We'll take care of everything else at the ballot box.
And I have no hard feelings for any of our trolls or Democrat friends.
It's just their nature to be the way they are.
I always forgive 'em.
Cuz they really know not what they do.

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