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About prediction, pre and post draws.


Last Edited: August 24, 2013, 8:52 am

To predict is to make a statement about the future.

The prediction doesn't have to be based on anything, but can be based on something(s).

If it is based on something(s) it doesn't have to be based on what somebody thinks that are fact(s), or it can be based on what somebody thinks that are fact(s).

Lottery prediction is also like that.

What is predicted might happen (come to be) or not.

If it does come to be, it might happen by what they call "Chance", if it doesn't it might also not happen by "Chance".

But predictions might be accurate or not accurate due to one or more things.

For repeated accurate lottery prediction we might want to take a look at and study the make-up of the lottery game (a lottery game) and repetition of patterns of characteristics of the game, the characteristics can be things that we make up and give to the game or things that it already has or both.

But as I said, people can predict in any way that they want to, that is why people's predictions are not always very often accurate, but also people can, but not very often win by chance.

About pre and post draws people blame them for their prediction(s) failure(s), when the real problem is their prediction technique (prediction logic).

About computer generated draws, some people also blame them for their prediction(s) failure(s), even if there are technical problems with the computer generated draws at it sometimes happens, that is not the real problem, what happens is that people don't study the patterns of the past winning numbers as a part of their prediction technique that is why people don't often win, that and using a bad prediction technique.

Once again, if you want to predict future winning numbers, you should study the past winning numbers and not so much the pre and post draws as those are not the past winning numbers, accurate lottery prediction should best be based on the history of the past winning numbers (frequency of patterns) and on the make-up of the game.

You can of course base your predictions on nothing or on anything that you want to, but you might not win very often and when you do it might be just by chance.

The lotteries can be blamed for failed predictions of course if they are not honest, that is if they don't conduct their drawings in a honest way, but don't misunderstand that, read what I said about pre and post draws.

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Comment by GASMETERGUY - August 25, 2013, 12:16 pm
I, for one, believe firmly in "patterns of the game". Unfortunately I do not yet know all the patterns that exist but I know some. This site has done much for me in the way of pattern recognition and while this site lists many patterns, there are more patterns to be found.

Once we determine what happens pattern-wise in a game, our predictions will improve.

In the early days of this site there were many patterns exposed and discussed. Today there is a serious lack of new patterns. I assume others are on the same level as myself and can not find any new patterns or ways to string the known patterns together to determine a profitable algorithm. But I am sure the search will continue and this site will be in its vanguard.
MonElComment by MonEl - August 25, 2013, 10:52 pm
I also believe in the patterns of a game.
And we never will.
I also know some.
While this and other sites helped me some, I also helped my own self.
As to patterns recognition I mostly helped my own self.
It is not the site that lists many patterns, but people such as myself.
Maybe the possible patterns are limitless or almost limitless.
Yes, once we are more familiar with the patterns our predictions improve.
I don't know about "The early days", but I did talk about a few patterns as LANTERN, years ago.
People in general don't want any more patterns, they already have way too many to deal with.
Yes people have trouble with the patterns.
Good Luck!!!

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