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Bakery that denied same-sex wedding cake closes


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Comment by Lucky Loser - September 4, 2013, 8:49 am
Aaron Klein, one of the owners of the "Sweet Cakes by Melissa,” refused to sell the cake to one of the brides-to-be because he said marriage should be only between a man and a woman.
Okay, here we have a situation where the two soon-to-be married females haven't wronged the business in any way, shape, or form. They only made it clear that the cake would be for a same sex marriage...no disrespect at all. The just wanna do business with this place because they apparently like, and, trust their products and services.

The owners decide, well within their rights though, to turn down the business and go as far as shutting the business down due their religious disagreement of the females' relationship. Really? The business doing a cake for these patrons does not constitute ACCEPTANCE of the relationship...it simply means they're doing business as usual and making money to pay the light bill and lease.

Without an iota of doubt, this person is (R) and falls right in line with the overall thinking of the party in that respect. Now, how many possible cake orders is she going to lose now because of this? What kind of message does it send to other potential patrons in nearby counties/cities? Ludicrous. What's that you say? "Lucky, what about the business owner's beliefs and convictions? You're saying they should just throw those out to make a buck...be a sell out to the dollar."

Hmmm, and what about having compassion, being forgiving, understanding, not JUDGING OTHERS, and HAVING COMMON SENSE? Hell, pray for the ladies' since you're so religious and it rubs you so wrong. But, nope...she'd rather define the epitome of a true hypocrite...and just how dumb her train of thought is. Yep, she's just wasting her time if she's going to anybody's Church at all because, apparently, nothing preached has been retained.

"Damm*t, Lucky!!! (spit, spit) "I'm so 'tard' of you an all your libtard common sense!! This is about values and upholding them values!!!"

Yeah, well, I also value maintaining a perfectly good business that's seemingly well-established and known by everyone. I also value being much bigger than such trivial obstacles which were probably a TEST OF FAITH in some way...which she FAILED DRAMATICALLY. Ouch.

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