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My Saturn Took A Knight Ride


Yes...yes...I do find myself addicted to old TV shows,"Knight Rider" being one of them,lol. And who woulda thunk it but my Saturn turned into K.I.T.T. last week.

Sneaky little fellow. Can't take my eyes off him for a second. Don't know why but have always felt like old Satty is a "he". I often talk to him when driving. Rub his gearbox when cranking him up and he never lets me down. He always starts. His birthday is this month. Have had him since September '95 even though he was the 1996 model. Brand spankin' new. We've had lots of good times these past 18 years.

He's usually parked in front of my house and have never had any trouble at all.

Until this past year. 

Around June it was,I think,I was set to do my grocery shopping one day and noticed that things were askew on the front seat when I went to get in.

I'd been ruffled through! 

The door was NOT left unlocked,of that I was positive. Some sticky fingers had gotten in and creeped their way all through the car. Had just put 2 big bags of pennies in the trunk to cash in at the Coinstar machine a few days before. Checked and yep...they were gone. Goodbye $50.00!

Car break in's are no biggy nowadays. I'm sure you've been "ruffled through" a few times yourself through the years. This was my first time.

It's a numbers game just like everything else...my number came up and I was chosen. Nothing else was taken but the pennies so I considered myself lucky.

Fast forward to about a month ago. Went out to my car to run another errand but heard a strange noise when approaching Satty. WHAT?? The windshield wipers were on! I automatically stuck my key in the door to open it but it probably was already opened.

DING DING DING DING...the warning bell was ringing like when you leave your door open. Noticed that my ignition was pushed in and stuck. I unstuck it with my key.

So someone was trying to steal you,Saturn? Here you are...the oldest car on the street and people just won't leave you alone. The thieves must have tried to jam something in the ignition to start it and accidently pushed up the wiper handle.

I didn't report either of these incidents to the police. What for? What can they really do? It's not like this is a Rolls Royce...he's just my cruising around the neighborhood car and used for grocery runs. He usually doesn't travel 2 miles further then my home and is semi-retired.

But I still love him and wouldn't dream of getting rid of him though I've had several notes left under the wipers over the years with phone numbers asking if I want to sell.

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised last Tuesday when upon awaking at my usual 4:30 a.m. and glancing out the front window that Satty wasn't in his usual place.

He was GONE! I mean here I am staring at this huge empty space in front of my house and my brain just isn't computing....SATTY's NOT THERE. POOF! Out joyriding somewhere? I closed the shutter..opened it...kept looking. Nope,still gone. 

I didn't immediately call the police. Waited till around 7 or so. I was calm but in a state of disbelief really. Just couldn't believe I'd never see him again. 

So I make the dreaded call. They took all the information over the phone. No policeman comes to your house anymore to make a report (guess you're just not that important,Satty...except to ME)

I spent the morning puttering around trying to keep my mind off it. Still I was pretty calm...not like it was earth shattering or anything. Oh those thievin' thieves! If there's one thing I can't stand it's thieves! Taking something that's not yours....just don't know how thieves can sleep at night. (Oh,that's right....they don't! They're up all night taking your things!)

Was on the Lottery Post when a phone call came about 11:00 am.

It was the police!

"This is Officer So and So. We found your car."

What!!? That was fast!!! Satty was found about 5 blocks from my house on a street right next to the grocery store (one of his favorite haunting grounds. See? He doesn't like being far from home :)

I got a ride over to pick him up.

And there Satty was.....just sitting there waiting for me. Nobody in the driver's seat...just like he drove himself over there. Just like KITT!!

Apparently a witness had seen 2 guys in a gray car TOWING him around 4 a.m.

If only I'd been up just a wee bit earlier!! 

And of course! They couldn't start him because I have Loctronics...that wonderful magical little doohickey that disables the starter. They must have also tried pushing him because he had a couple of long scratches and some black rubber looking smudges on the bumper.

His window was open and when I got in the seat was pushed way forward and the radio was blasting on a channel I never listen to. The fusebox lid was on the front seat...they were trying to bypass the Loctronics but HA HA!! Neener Neener Neener!! They must have given up. There was also a long strap that had been wrapped around the whole front frame of the car hanging down that I guess they used to pull him. 

Creeps! I washed everything down with some Wet Ones I had in my purse. They'd also wrenched out my change cup in between the seats...ERRRRRR!!! Looked around in the car but couldn't find it.

But Satty started right up as soon as I gave him his Loctronics. Thank God for that little chip. Saved his life twice now.

I just have one question...Satty,no one looked twice at you your whole entire life. Why are you so popular now?

You are like a fine wine....you just get better with age,I suppose.

He's in the driveway now and resting after his ordeal.

And so this episode is over for the time being.

Tune in next week for more adventures of "Saturn Rider".   

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