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How to Create Pick 3 & Pick 4 Drawing Text Files Using Excel 2010


Last Edited: November 8, 2013, 6:42 am


1.  Create 2 folders on your hard drive: Make sure the folder names are exactly as below

a) Pick3System

b) Pick4System


2. Create 4 subfolders in each of the 2 main folders "Pick3System and "Pick4System":

a) MiddayDraws

b) EveningDraws

c) CombinedDraws

d) CustomDraws


3. Download the following 2 zip files from this link:


a) Zip 1: Pick 3 Excel Create Data Text Files

b) Zip 2: Pick 4 Excel Create Data Text Files

Unzip the 2 Excel files from the zip "Pick 3 Excel Create Data Text Files" into the Pick3System folder created in Step 1 above

Unzip the 2 Excel files from the zip "Pick 4 Excel Create Data Text Files" into the Pick4System folder created in Step 1 above


Update: 11/8/2013:

I uploaded 6 additional zip files that contain the Pick 3 and Pick 4 draw history text files.  Draws are updated through Thursday 11/8/2013

I found an error in the Pick 4 Excel file "DataTransferPick4LS".  You will need to re-download the zip file "Pick 4 Excel Create Data Text Files"

The P3StateDraws and P4StateDraws Excel files were also updated through Nov 7 2013.

Best thing to do is delete any previous Excel files and re-download the zip files from the link above.

4.  Here is a Youtube Video on how to use the Excel files and create/transfer drawing text files:



5.  What is not covered in the Youtube video is how to use the "CustomDraws".

To create a "Custom" data text file:

Using the Pick 3 as an example.  You open the P3StateDrawsLS.xlsm 1st.  Then go to the top Main Menu and select File > Open and browse to the folder Pick3System and locate the 2nd Excel file "DataTransferPick3LS.xlsm.

In the Excel file "DataTransferPick3LS.xlsm" file click the tab at the bottom labeled "States"

In cell H33 select the correct Drive Letter (drop-down) where you created the File folders.  Example C:\Pick3System and the sub folders MiddayDraws, EveningDraws, CombinedDraws, CustomDraws.

In cell H37 select the number "4" (custom).  The Custom selection 4 will enable you to just select 1 State/Canadian drawing.

In cell J25 select your game.  For example, Ontario__Canada_Combined

Click the Toolbar in cell range B27:G27 labeled "Transfer Pick 4 Draws "Custom State" Draw Histories .txt Files"

Open the folder C:\Pick3System\CustomDraws and you should see the new text file created.

Using the Custom feature you would not need to create drawing text file for every Midday, Evening, or Combined Stae/Canadian drawing.


6.  To update either the Pick 3 or Pick 4 Excel files.  "P3StateDraws" or "P4StateDraws" watch the following video:


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