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Pennsylvania Pick 3 VTRAC System - Excel Files


Last Edited: November 8, 2013, 3:10 pm

Here is the download link to a box.com folder that contains 2 sub-folders Midday and Evening.

There are 2 Excel files.  1 in each of the 2 sub-folders.

The Excel files are for the Pennsylvania Pick 3 Midday and Evening draws.

The draws are current up to November 7 2013.

I added a number of filters and some comments in the Pick3 tab.

Here is the download link:


I'll post a video on how to use the Excel file.

If you are using both files you will need to create a folder on your hard drive for each Excel file.

You can name the folder anything you want.  Example MiddayGame, EveningGame.

I also used the last 250 draw to set the VTRAC "movements" for each position 1, 2, and 3 in the tab labeled "VTRACMovementSelector".  The "movements" are different in each game Midday and Evening.

If anyone wishes to use these Excel files for their own state you will need to import the drawing text files for you particular state.  See my VTRAC Post in the Systems Forum



VTRAC Chart Conversion

Digits 0 & 5 = VTRAC 1

Digits 1 & 6 = VTRAC 2

Digits 2 & 7 = VTRAC 3

Digits 3 & 8 = VTRAC 4

Digits 4 & 9 = VTRAC 5


The setup for Friday's Midday drawing:

1. Previous draw on Thursday Midday 11/7/2013 - 7-8-3 VTRAC = 3-4-4  (See Conversion Chart Above)

2. Missing VTRAC's 1-2-5 (Missing VTRAC's are VTRAC's not drawn from last drawing). See Excel file Tab Pick3, cell range HZ21 through ID21

3. Frequent VTRAC = VTRAC 5.  Frequent VTRAC(s) that appear the most in last 7 draws. See Excel file Tab Pick3, cell range HZ9 through ID9

4. Repeating VTRAC's = 3, 4  Repeating VTRAC's are the VTRAC's from the last draw.  Select 1 to form your next VTRAC set.

Selections: Box Play and/or Straight Play

VTRAC Set 1-3-5  Digit Sets 024,029,074,079,524,529, 574,579

VTRAC Set 2-4-5  Digit Sets 134,139,184,189,634,639,684,689

Entry #170


winsumloosesumComment by winsumloosesum - November 8, 2013, 3:18 pm
Midday results 11/8/2013 227 which is a triple VTRAC 333

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