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Can $3.65 Save Our Country?


Last Edited: November 22, 2013, 1:45 am

It's late...it's windy and chilly outside and brain is working overtime,lol. Was just in bed reading Little House On The Prairie for the umpteenth time. This time of year I always feel like spending time in Laura Ingalls Wilder's world out on the prairie with Ma,Pa and the fam. And we think we have it hard in today's world,huh! How'd you like to churn butter every time you wanted some on your bread? Or have to go out and shoot your dinner meat?

Christmas was just as special to Laura and her siblings back then as it is to children now. How they looked forward to their stockings. A cane of peppermint candy, a little cake and pair of mittens were joyously received and fawned over and appreciated. Those tiny gifts probably meant more to those children then all the modern gadgets given out and discarded the next by today's youth.

But,anyhoo. Reading these books always tunes me up. Sometimes it makes me feel very lucky to be living in these times...and sometimes not. I wish I could enjoy a pair of mittens the way the prairie children did.

Then that got me thinking of all the poverty,hunger and homelessness that still runs rampant through our good old      US of A. I think of that almost every day and give when I can.

But then an idea came to me. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's ever thought of this.

What is a penny these days? Pretty worthless. But a huge bunch of pennies is worth something.

Then I started thinking...wow. There's 315,000,000 people in the USA. If every single person gave a penny a day to some sort of one pot "fund" think of all the good it would do. That's $3.65 a year from every person. Is that a lot to ask?


That's one billion one hundred and 45 million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Nice chunk of change. Think of all the people and animals that could help.

The 365 Fund. How could we make it happen?

Well,it's too late for my brain to go any further,lol. Just my 2 cents today. I'm going back to the prairie for awhile then I'll sleep on it. They say where there's a will there's a way. There must be some way. Of course not everyone could even afford that much but then again, there are others who could afford to give WAY more than that. Could you do without...say...4 lottery tickets a year? Or a coffee at Starbucks. Just think of some small thing you could give up during the year that equalled $3.65. Imagine the smiles and happy tail wags that small sum could bring to a lot of faces who are needing help this very second :) 

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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - November 22, 2013, 9:39 am
I think a great many Americans share an amount of money each year that helps someone else.

I walked in the market one day and a handicapped person sat in a handicapped vehicle to use. I noticed the power cord was not unplugged and asked her to hold up a bit until I unplugged and tucked away the cord. Little things done for others means just as much as money.
JonnyBgood07Comment by JonnyBgood07 - November 23, 2013, 11:41 am
@ LL it's a fantastic idea until you try to find an honest person to divvy out the money.
It's sad but anything involving money always seems to get misappropriated somewhere other than where it belongs no matter what organization handles the charity.It just seems to be one big Ponzi scheme in the end.

I watch shows like that and the waltons from time to time and just get astounded by the honesty that's portrayed in different ways and how people respected each other.

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