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The China Method Explained


It is something I used a long time ago and had very good success with it.  I need to get larger databases to get a good trend, but I will briefly explain how I do it.

It is based on what I call my (I got it from and give full credit to OhioPick3) 10-digit number.  There are a number of people that are using it now for their own methods, but it is just a listing of the order of the digits called.

You can get started, if you are a platinum member, by looking at the results, then pick the state and draw, then drawing statistics.  Use the last 30 days, although shorted could be used because this is NOT frequency.  Then select "last drawn".  Start from the top and write down or put the digits into a spreadsheet.

Here is an example of what you will see:

California Midday 3 Lottery Statistics Sorted By Last Drawn Date (Last 50 Draws)

 Number  Times  
 % of  
 % of  
 Hit Frequency  (Expected Hits: 15) 
817    34.0%  11.3%  Jun 9, 2006
623    42.0%  15.3%  Jun 9, 2006
412    24.0%  8.0%  Jun 9, 2006
521    40.0%  14.0%  Jun 8, 2006
114    28.0%  9.3%  Jun 7, 2006
717    30.0%  11.3%  Jun 7, 2006
310    20.0%  6.7%  Jun 6, 2006
010    20.0%  6.7%  Jun 5, 2006
911    20.0%  7.3%  Jun 2, 2006
215    26.0%  10.0%  Jun 2, 2006

Using the digits from top (most recently drawn) to the bottom (oldest drawn), you have

86451-73092.  I number the positions 12345-67890.  I put the dash in just to make it easier to see which position is which at more of a glance.

You will find that, except for doubles, most of the draws are 1 from the left (or A) side, and 2 from the right, or vice versa.  So the numbers you are looking at to play would be 873 (A1-B2), 870 (A1-B2), 879 (A1-B2), etc.  For the A1-B2 you will have 75 combos and another 75 for the A2-B1 combos.

If you were to play only A1-B2 and A2-B1 all of the time time, you would be playing 150 numbers each time and win most of the time.  This should be no surprise to anyone.  If you are playing 150 of the 220 combos, you should win 68% of the time.  The real secret to this method is to watch for trends and ride those trends.  I am talking about trends with A1-B2 and A2-B1, trends with mostly high digits, and trends with odd even.  If you can see those trends and play them correctly you will be playing only a portion of the numbers, like I am showing in this thread.

What kills you is a A0-B3 or A3-B0.  That doesn't happen very often, and often those are where the doubles come from. 

The only two things I am watching right now for trends is the A-B distribution and how often it changes, and the High/Low distribution and how often it changes.  It will take a while to get a good trend, but I am showing the numbers that I am getting from the trends I am seeing with only 3 days worth of data.  It will get better as time goes on.  I have not looked at my hits or misses for Midday, yet.  I am going to do that now!


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we;reallwinnersComment by we;reallwinners - July 25, 2006, 3:30 am
Thanx for sharing!!!!!!!!!!

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