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Nailed: Here's What The Benghazi Report Did NOT Say [ Full Report Attached ]


Nailed: Here’s What The Benghazi Report Did NOT Say [Full Report Attached]

Thursday, January 16, 2014

We’ve become so disgusted by our government official’s lawlessness, that we can almost predict they will cover up any and all scandals, regardless of the magnitude of the crime, the number of victims or deaths, or the overwhelming amount of indisputable evidence.

The Senate Report on Benghazi has been released, and attached is the full report provided as a courtesy.

Here’s a brief summary of a very extensive investigation and collection of CIA and FBI Whistleblower testimony which reveals the following information which never made it into the report:

1) Hillary Clinton has committed treason against the United States by knowingly negotiating a buyback of MANPADS from AlQaeda in Libya — to be shipped to Al-Qaeda in Syria.  On September 16th, 2012, shortly after her Ambassador was killed trying to set the deal up with the assistance of the CIA, the shipment was made.  She knows all about it.  Ambassador Stevens was striking a deal to take powerful, shoulder-fired weapons away from Al Qaeda in Libya, and the attack on his compound may have been an attempt to stop it.  We’ll never know the truth about what caused the attacks, but we now know that our Senators are also involved in the coverup.  This report is proof , and they should get prepared for the wave of whistleblowers who will soon come forward.    Please read this report and listen to the audio of a CIA whistle blower’s account of what he knew from being on the ground in Libya 3 days after the attack. 

2)  Hillary Clinton and General Petraeus never testified under oath.   Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton and General Petraeus been brought before Congress to testify under oath?  How could this report ever be complete without their sworn testimony?  FBI and CIA whistleblowers were waiting in the wings for that moment and it never happened. 

Even our Senators are committing treason.  They certainly cannot blame it on incompetence, especially since most of them are skilled lawyers.

FACT: Ambassador Stevens was in that Annex to covertly negotiate an arms deal with Al-Qaeda in Libya.  Hillary and Obama knew this.  The “security” issue under normal circumstances was outlined in the Senate Report, but if the report actually exposed the real reason for the attack, the security flaws would have mattered even more.

FACT:  Obama, Clinton and the Senate have lied to the American public in this investigation.

FACT:  The “Hillary Clinton Chronicles” published on Guerilla Media Network should be enough to finish off Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid.  PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE

Full Benghazi Senate Report

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sully16Comment by sully16 - January 16, 2014, 1:49 pm
Thanks, what an eye opener
emilygComment by emilyg - January 16, 2014, 1:57 pm

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