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Why It help sometime , to look at some one elses point of view


Every one have a method of different ways to get a hit. A lot of we discuss with others what we see in our workout for that day. By posting All State I can't afford to have Tunnel View, if you play on line. you need to step away from the Tunnel View. someone give me a jing and asked me to see if any of my workouts have a pattern of number, a set of that just seen to continue to pop up . She really wanted a pick 4. She keep seeing these sets of 3 numbers {2 - 3 - 8} , {3 - 8 - 6}, in a pick 4 run - down. She believe that the pick 4 in VA, that would been {3- 8 - 6 - 2} that night. She wanted me to look at a couple of my All State workouts. see if I could find it repeating ect. Could it be a connection. Her work- out was just showing the number one way. {3286} mine on the other hand was showing {4328}- {5328} ect. This means to us { A Strong indication, it a set of 3 number to play in the pick- 4 for the next few days draws of the game!}. Here are a few ways to handle this kind of thing. You could dig in your heels and say " my system is better, why should I liston to them. Doing it the stick in the mud way, I'm just playing the [3286]. You just option yourself into being ROFL this person at the end of the VA. drawing Thru, eve. and not this happly Bananaperson. This is something to consider , next time you play; In a lottery which you, the player has the option of .50 - St.[exact] & [.50] . Since you already believe you have 75% of the answer right , [GOD BLESS YOU],from that point  leave this sentence out of the conversation. so which way do we play it? Whenever you're this sure about a pick 4- or win 4. [1] Play the 3 options given here, or [b] The set of [382X] and Run it from [3820- 3821- 3822 - 3823 - 3824 - 3825 - 3826 - 3827 - 3828 - 3829]. If you asks me if it could happen in your state. My answer will remain the same. Anything is possible with the Lottery.

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