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Are You Kidding Me?


This is a question I've had to ask myself to many time lately. I have heard, a lot lottery players and friends complain aout this. Like most lottery player's. have a group of friends & family members, they love to talk about lottery to in their life. They have their own methods and workouts, but they are willing share information with the right person. At one time all of us live in the same state. one friend move to OH. the other to GA.to retire there. One person, was on their to go get lottery tickets and gas this was the OH. person, the other person was playing on line. Both people had just about the same questions. Each get their play in on time. Let me explain this. yesterday, these states to me had Golden Opportunity. knocking that their doors, and they slam the door in it face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.here is a list containing the golden opportunitys in their results yesterday. OH. [5595] , Ga. [6366], MISS. [8778] , Conn. [8898], & OR. [9669]. Each of them, told me , from their views, limited amount of fund to play with, they each had 75% of the number, these wanted to play. According to them, had not been hitting the lottery for a while & how bad they believe they need these hits. Their words not mine. I am going to say this again!!!! IF YOU THE PLAYER REALLY BELIEVE YOU HAVE {#3} OUT OF [4] NUMBERS FOR A PICK 4 - WIN 4 GAME. Just take your nmbers , Add [ 1 - 0] to the end.A total of [10] tickets. To me they each , just need some kind of confirmation that I could see any kind of patterns in my work- out . that was the same as their. Yes, we would love to had hit these pick [4s] st., but when you're the one saying you have a  limited amount to do it with , and how bad you could really use the hit, right now. The boxes on . alone [5595] , [6366] , [8898] , are worth in a -..50 - 50 state if you only played the boxes and the quad,A. $600. $1. - $1. states $1,200. one way will cost $5. the other $10. both called back doing this ROFL next boxes $.50 $400.- $1.- $800, to me a slice of the pie can be somtime as good as the whole thing when people are saying limited fund, they both admitted they played alot more numbers & scratch- offs, well over $10.worth. They both told a couple of other people what they believe was going to fall, at used the information wisely, I have to ask them, did you ever consider boxing all of them? each said {NO}. They both started out their conversation with me , Saiding girl , " I sure hope GOD would bless me with....etc. this is when I think. " ARE YOU KIDDINGME!!!!!!"so dear Lord let us not be them ROFL ROFL , we give thanks for being this instead. Party

Entry #8


Comment by lesonook - February 10, 2014, 12:35 am
i always box any number i play and if someone gives me a number i will play it especially if they have dreamnt it

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