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Dream Numbers


Yes, I'm a strong believer in playing dream numbers, I don't care if you saw the number in your dream or hear the number in your. It doesn't took long before they manifest into your life. When I was younger , my mother and my grandmother would line line all of us up. It all started with " who wanted to go first to tell about your dream?" As childen we were very eager to tell them. If one of us saw or hear a straight out number it was play straight for next few day. If the dream was complex. First they would go to the {Bible} and interpreted it from there, tell you what you need to know, then they go to the dream book to get the number to play for your dream. They tell us to bow are heads, give thanks to GOD for give us these numbers. What we liked most about this was this part. She write the out on a card large so even the smallest child could see it , she would say, " Now Kids we need the number to fall exact like this, when it fall exactly like this, when we get out of church on Sunday I'm taking all you kids to the carnival, the drive- in etc. My grandmother and my mother already Knew we were going to spread the word around to other kids in the family.This meant a automatic sleep- over, bring your church clothes and play clothes with you. You could hear a pin drop in our living room, when the number were being draw. If it sound like the Superbowl was just win at our, follow by the of a herd of little feet head for and the phone ringing at the same. Grandmother had her answer.I still do this today. Unfortunately the dream books have not keep up with the times. Now when someone calls and ask you to interpreted their dreams for them, the {Bible} is easy ,the dream book is a horse of a different shade, Ex; I dream I was twittering, I dream I lost my ear piece to my cellphone, I dream I miss placed my laptop etc. So for now let us all have sweet dreams---- Bed [940**1716]

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