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"Daily Kos: "How Quaint"


Last Edited: June 21, 2006, 1:15 pm

I don't have a caption or comment for this first section.
Having put full armor on my computer and hosing it down after leaving .... I went to the Daily Kos link provided and found this (second section) apology for the post .......... after it had been picked up and run with on conservative sites all over the web for their one minute of fame. 
Am sure they're really sorry to have gotten caught with their head in its favorite nesting place.   

Source Little Green Footballs blog
"Daily Kos: "How Quaint"

Two US soldiers kidnapped in Iraq have been found: Bodies of missing U.S. soldiers recovered.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The bodies of two U.S. soldiers reported captured last week have been recovered, and an Iraqi official said Tuesday the men were “killed in a barbaric way.” Al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility for killing the soldiers, and said the successor to slain terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had “slaughtered” them, according to a Web statement that could not be authenticated.

The language in the statement suggested the men had been beheaded.

The sick freaks at Daily Kos are gloating: Daily Kos: So our boys were tortured - how quaint.

The bodies of the two captured U.S. soldiers were found in Iraq - bearing signs of “barbaric torture.”

How quaint.

I hope Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo will sleep well tonight, with visions of those boys’ bodies and the horrible barbarities inflicted upon them dancing in their heads. Perhaps Gonzales, and Yoo, and Rumsfeld and Bush will be able to envision the same inhumanities being visited upon their family members and loved ones as they drift off to peaceful slumber.

This cannot stand. We cannot allow this administration and its incomprehensible defense of and support for torture in violation of the “quaint” Geneva Conventions to remain.

The chickens have come home to roost. As ye sew, so shall ye reap.

I weep for my country, and for the families and loved ones of those in Iraq and Afghanistan, those yet living and those already dead.

Peace.  "


No Pity! 

UPDATE: I wrote this diary early this morning, in haste. I was so upset when I heard the news about our soldiers having been tortured that I could barely contain my anger.

I posted it quickly, knowing that I had meetings to attend off and on throughout the day. It moved to the Recommended list, but I was unable to attend to it full-time; additionally, the !@#$%@#! server errors made it extremely difficult to move through the comments.

Based on many of the comments, I thought it would be best if I were to clarify some of my statements above.

My heart is broken by the brutal and senseless murder of these two young men. The fact that they were tortured makes the grief all the more grievous. I have not a shred of doubt that the barbarians who did this to them - who alone among all humans, are 100% responsible for their actions - will pay the price for their heinous acts, whether in this life or the next. In the meantime, I pray for the souls of those killed and for the comfort of those who loved them, and for all who care about their fate.

I wrote this diary because I was enraged that our government - my government - could have taken - and repeatedly defended - a position that the provisions of the Geneva Conventions - provisions written with the understanding that war is a brutal and savage activity at its core, and that humans engaged in war often are prone to brutal and savage behaviors - are merely "quaint" anachronisms, no longer applicable to our current world situation, and that torture is an acceptable practice for our society.

Such a position is a disgrace to the people, history and ideals of the United States of America, and especially to those who have risked or sacrificed their lives to defend those people and ideals. That is not what we stand for, nor is it what our men and women put their lives on the line - and sometimes die - for. We as a country are better than that. I am angry that my country no longer can claim the moral high ground when an atrocity such as the torture and murder of these young men occurs at the hands of barbarians.

I do not wish ill to Messrs. Gonzales, Yoo, Bush or Rumfeld, nor to any members of their families. I was writing out of anger, and what I wrote in that paragraph was wrong. I apologize for having written it. I cannot pretend that I did not write it, but I do not wish to perpetuate what I wrote. I have changed the offending sentences.

I am heartsick today. I am sorry for causing misunderstanding. - OH"


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