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Update on Sets 2/27


Before I put the totals  in, some one asked these questions. When you say this double or another is in the set, Why Don't I see it? Doubles  are to be play in pairs. alway play both halfs, Example... in the 2nd set after flippling all the number we get 443 in that set, which mean you use the other half as well. AS of right now Id. & CA, results are not ready yet.             Reminder *** means both sets.  Ark.599..2nd.set, Fl. 808*** ,Ga. 488***, In. 104..2nd.set,Maryl.853..2nd. set, Miss.615.2nd.set SC,455. 2nd.set , DC. 060. 2nd.set 2/27 mid- day Total is     8 Hits mid-day, + 62 Hits we've got = 70 Hits & the day is not over yet. I hope this is starting to make you think about , what you've been watching here in this blog. We still have a full month to go on these two sets alone, plus whatever other method you like to uses. Think about it really. Each & every month, or {ANY STATE LOTTERY USA.} which meet the requirement. Fact, true you don't how much a set will give until the month is over, I've been amazed over some of thing I've got out of set. Here is a nice thing to do every one's in a while, only a few will fall in the state you get them from. If you have a family member, friends , etc, who like to talk about Lottery things with, it  don't matter if you live in the same state. Hey, -----, I've been wait for this number to fail, it look,blah, blah,ect can you see anything like it in your workout, they believe there system has hit a snag, be kind tell them if you have seen it in your paper.

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