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The Kudoes Award Go Too...


Today I'm giving a major telephone service company, the Kudoes Award. Which meaning it a bad service , thumbs down award. This company earn this award, by technology- relalated promblems and lack of action on their part.                           I'm going to explain how they earn the award. I live in a very remote area smack dub in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains, surround to 3 side by water. I live almost to the top of these mountains. All Gps systems show this this area as unincorporate. Then we are totally off the grid. The nearest. small town is 55miles away. There is only one road in or out of here. Only 3 safe spaces, on the road where you can move over a little to someone can go pass you to go down the mountains when you're to go up them. Even in this safe  area, you need to leave two wheels of your truck, car, etc. on gavel road and tilt your car etc at a angle to let them pass. Most of the drivers are very considerated here, They stop to make sure you get back on the road safely other wise, you could really roll down the mountain side and land in the tree top if you are luck enough. On Friday, a few of us saw telephone service people removing fallen trees from their service, which happen due to the high winds and rain from the night before. only a small crew work a telephone pole closest to the entry going up to the mountains. When quitting time came they left everything just where they drop it and left. A Land line is a must here. A cell phone is almost useless here, period, the mountains made you lose the signal. Most of the people here are retired & older. If you had any medical alert devices , where someone calls you to check and see if your okay or need emergency assistant. All home alert systems became useless. If you had a fire, no phone no help is coming. Two peoples heart monitors started misss firering at this point. Meaning the people wearing them are getting actually electrically shocked every few minutes to the heart area. One person when to the highest point up here on the one mountain to walk a round until they could get enough bars on the cellphone to get a call to the phone  company. This person had computer service in a bundle package, i.e., you lose phone service for a moment you lose your computer service as well. These person was tell by phone company, automatic computerizd service center to GO ON LINE TO PUT IN THE COMPLAIN. Great!!! The next person agree to going to a friend home 55 mile away and putting the compain in on their friend computer for everyone, these sounded good but didn't work. Their site tell the person to open account put in the complain. within 30 days!!! they will get a PHONE CALL!! about the problem and or a they could receive a E-Mail from the phone company with a password so see, if or when the phone company will do about the compain again within the next 30 days. We have already getten a report, we are to be in a bad weather situation again tommorrow. A few of us, are going to go heads up with this phone company tommorrow. For these who couldn't come with us, we have been given written premission to represent them that the meeting.It is  really a few things this company need to change . A computerized message of we will get back to you in 30 days on your emergency Hot Line need to chance. Going to your web site getting again a within 30 days message there also, just does't work. Here when anything that happens that effect all our lives here. We have to work hand in hand. Three Monthly after, just move from the city, three torndo touch down here in 15 minute intervals, hit the town below the us, 50% of the town was either blew away or leveled,the high winds caused flooding which take another 1/4 of the town and the people, underwater all this cover two states, it became National News. So these 30 day answer give to some in the city might work for them but not here. I'm sure when they sale these bundle packages, the bundle plans have no emergency back up plan. People who serious medical issues have to be take out of here over the weekend.No phone , no medical help. Only one had to be air lifted to a safer place, by private plane. These way I believe this phone company has earned the KUDOES AWARD.

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temptustooComment by temptustoo - March 2, 2014, 6:57 pm
kudo's means to honor someone or something........ Not a bad thing...   They need the moron award. Did you ever think they just DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF YOU PEOPLE UP THERE....... just remember, you chose to live in mountains..... no one is forcing you to stay there...

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