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Northern Hemisphere rose 1 degree 20th century


Earlier in this century there were more trees shading, cooling the earth because development had not encroached on forested areas, clear-cutting many. 

Ever felt a breeze flow out from a shaded area on a hot day???? 

Much cooler than one blowing across an exposed lawn or bare land. 

Obviously global warming Chicken-Littles want to leave their imprint on history through engineering fear ....... when simple logic works much better.  It's far easier to manipulate the media for a humanitarian-environmental gold star than it is to stay behind a national tree planting project applicable to area climates.  Looks like another way for the MSM to award itself and science to support itself on government grants which furnish crumbs of validity so small they wouldn't feed an ant.

Trees, maybe not the whole answer but IMHO a very big part of helping alleviate "heat-island effect" many areas are experiencing where it's simply not cool enough to condense rain from water rich clouds.  


"The headlines are screaming today that thanks to global warming, the Earth is now hotter than it's been in 2,000 years!  Boy, we've really screwed up the planet, haven't we?  It's now supposedly warmer than it was when Jesus was hanging around.  According to something called "The National Academy of Sciences," using climate data for the last 200 years they have decided that humans are responsible for making the Earth hotter than it's been in the last 2,000 years.

That's right...the temperature data barely goes back 200 years...and now they know how hot the Earth was 2,000 years ago?  That's strike one. Supposedly they used data gathered from tree rings, lake sediments and so forth to determine how hot it was all that time ago.  But that is an educated guess and not fact.  And by the way, buried at the end of the news story is a fact the global warming fanatics don't want you to know.

The overall temperature of the Northern Hemisphere only rose 1 degree in the 20th century.  1 degree! That's some global warming. "


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