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computer generated cheating


 I played 10 different sets of #s of supercash for over 4 years. same sets,everyday, and never hit 6/6 yet. If I can do the mathematics Im sure the odds are higher than 1:1,631,312. Computers know when Im on-line how would they not know what combinations havent been picked??? I talked to director he said the ball machines cost over $500,00.00 a piece, The computers they use $500.00 a piece. The reason they do pick 6/6 once in a while cause the computer knows thats the cheapest way than to pick others that may end up paying out more. I also notice that if the 6/6 is not picked the total payout 3/6 to 5/6 is usually less than $20,000.oo. If there is anyone out there that could help me prove its rigged,lets stop this cheating by getting back to the basic lotto draw like the few that are picked the OLD way. Why is there some picked this way,?? cause the odds are high enough they dont need to rig it. Or lets just quit playing the computer generated games and have them payout the winners till their broke.

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Comment by GASMETERGUY - March 16, 2014, 10:42 am
Until an insider comes forth with proof that lotteries use computers to reduce the amount of payout to players, there will always be RNG drawings.

Being on the outside (as we players are), there is no way we can prove a thing. Lotteries can always fall back on the old saying, "One number is as good as any other number".
Comment by walleyewacker - March 16, 2014, 12:09 pm
they are computers,they have a mind of there own, Ive been playing numbers for years. The odds are tough but throw a computer in picking #s. I think the odds are wrong. If I was a mathematic genious im sure I could prove the odds are higher than it states. Its just impossible to prove. Then why did the lottery say " you think we can pay someone to pick those balls every night? If they cant afford it who can? Then why dont they pick all games by computer? Not when the computer knows what combos have been picked, Picks the cheapest payout possible. My "opinion" is that its rigged to benefit the lottery. If they have nothing to hide why dont they advertise about the computer generated #s??? They know they will lose money!!!

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