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Burying Memories And A Squirrel


Last Edited: April 16, 2014, 6:34 pm

Sad day today. I have lived almost my entire life in the house I grew up in. Across the street there were 2 palm trees that I've watched grow up over the years.

Yesterday they were murdered.

Some guy rang my bell and asked me to move my car because they were going to cut a branch.

A BRANCH! About 20 minutes later the house felt like it lifted off the ground and the windows rattled. I looked out and one of the palms was completely laid flat in the street. My heart leapt in my throat. 

About an hour later the other one came down. What took decades to grow all came crashing down in a matter of minutes. With a heavy heart I shut the blinds.

I can barely look out my front window anymore. It's so empty looking. I used to enjoy watching the squirrels run up and down and listening to their chattering in the fronds high high above.

And today I discovered the first tragedy of this invasion.

A poor squirrel lying in the gutter in front of my house. Smashed beyond recognition. The one that didn't get out in time before his whole world and house came tumbling down. (I know just how you feel,little fella) He must have still been up at the top when the last notch was sawed. So heartbreaking. He died for nothing.

Curses to the landlord across the street who took my view! Who stole a squirrel's innocent life and his home.

I guess when you live in one place so long you hate seeing "strangers" invade your neighborhood. I used to know every family on this block but slowly the older folks passed on and houses were sold and resold and now a lot of them are rentals. The man who owns the 2 family house across the street bought the place just a few years ago so I suppose he wouldn't know what those trees meant to this street. Some of the other neighbors have also been commenting about the huge gap left here in our humble little neighborhood.

It really made me feel like a true "Californian" looking out my window and seeing those big palms swaying in the breeze.

Now I feel like I live any ole where!

I'm the only "original" neighbor left here. Without "my" palm trees. Without Mr. Squirrel.

A lifetime of childhood,teenage and adult memories all ground up and swished through a tube and hauled away in the back of a dirty white truck.

I'll never take looking at a tree for granted again.   

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