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Update on April Sets.


Due to bad weather for a couple of days & nights here in Al. Storm watch, flood watch, etc. I couldn't either stay online or got online at all. I try hard to play catch- up. Trying to post lost connect in the middle. I found out the hard way things I believe was posted don't go through. So for the next 3 blogs the results for April sets. Thank you. I will be doing both mid-day & evening results for that day on one blog.Here are the results for the April Sets 4/28. Reminder ***, means both sets.                                                                                                                                                                                  Mid-day April28                                                                                                                       Ark. 710, Ca. 476, Conn. 623..2nd.set, Id. 315..2nd.set, Ill my3  020..2nd.set, Ill. 227, Ind. 571..2nd.set, Iowa 276..2nd.set, Miss. 757..2nd.set, OH. 417..2nd.set, SC. 774***, Tri-State 239, Va. 112***& DC 037, mid-day total= 14 Hits                  Evening April 28                                                                                                                                                             Arz. 339, Ca. 927..2nd.set, Ga. 175..2nd.set, Id. 127***, Iowa 020..2nd.set, Kan.283..2nd.set, Kent. 892..2nd.set, Maryl. 311, Miss. 133, NJ 622..2nd.set, NY 323, NC 013***, OK 326..2nd.set, P.Rico 417..2nd.set, Que. 320..2nd.set, SC. 422..2nd.set, Tenn. 679..2nd.set, Texas 163..2nd.set & Wis. 189..2nd.set, evening total= 19 Hits                              combine mid-day & evening totals= whole days total=         33 Hits Cool

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