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Taking a lotto break


Well their is eight months left in 2014 and I have to make sure that my car gets new tires before the fall.  Then get a new computer because this one is acting up on a daily basis and I like best buy in salem, oregon.  Then get new glasses still because every month since january we have had something come up which took away my savings.  So this month I start fresh with another $300 to put into the piggy bank and Les schwab has a good deal on tires for our car.  So I will easily have the tires paid for bye june with money left over for the piggy bank to start on the glasses and new computer fund.  My niece got a nice off brand computer from best buy brand new for $250 which I thought was a good buy.  I am thinking about a laptop computer for our next computer not a desk top computer.  Something that is easy to move around and does not take up space like my desktop does.  So bye me saving my expendable money for these things I will not be able to play the lotto very much.  This month I have $60 to my name after my bills are paid and groceries are bought.  Then I am giving my $300 to my mother for her to put aside for tires for the car so all that is left is $60.  So on payday I like to take mom out to breakfast and then I will be getting a shave and a haircut from the barber so that leaves very little of the $60.  But I need a haircut because my hair grows fast and so does my beard so I am going to trim it off so I will not have to get another haircut for two months.  Thanks for listening to me run my mouth off about my finances and talk to you later blog.-weshar75

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Drenick1Comment by Drenick1 - May 3, 2014, 10:37 pm
Good luck to you.

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