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Update on May's Sets


Here are the evening results of the May's sets 5/6. Green # are Life Line Points. This is just a reminder , { You can vote for this state to get credit for the Life Line Points , all you need to do is make a comment in my blog 's  comment box saying yes or no to the Question can these state keep the points for the Green # Hits. Since we are already a week in to this month. The points have been throw out & wasted, up until now. It really only take two people with the same comment . Yes, let them have the points for a week, or the rest of the month ect, or 2 people saying No, don't let them have them for a week or entire month. All lottery player a few workout of some sort. I use live drawings to make it grid, same format same time each month. If the state happen to have gotten a pick4 with a tri-ad like this 222x their 2nd or 3 pick 4 with a double, or double double # 7557 then it going to be short a lot of numbers, when you do the workout. so I cover this problem by using 2 pick4 from a state near then that not meet my requirement to be here. Two states  will get a Thank You in the end.  It a back up system. That is really what the Green# are all about support.                       evening results 5/6                                                                                                         Ark. 081, Ill my3 [514], Kent. 811, NJ 000 . [ cancel] no votes.                               Arz. 764, Conn. 853..2nd.set, Fl. 880..2nd.set. Ga. 675..2nd.set, Ind. 967..2nd.set, Iowa 800..2nd.set, Maryl. 483***, Miss. 073, Minn. 007..2nd.set, N.Mex. 637..2nd.set, Penn. 343, Que. 843***, Texas 788..2nd.set &Wash. 576..2nd set. evening total= 14 Hits + 2                                                                                               Baker's Half Dozen , Ind. [ 6491] box, and NY [1946]                                                 combine Mid-day & evening total= whole day total=     23 Hits                                  Also cancel Va. Green# 180    Cool

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