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Ann Barnhardt On The Guy Who Got Arrested For Objecting To Pornography In School Books


Last Edited: May 25, 2014, 8:41 am

I'm sure some people think Ann Barnhardt's ideas and philosophy are a little too over-the-top for their tastes.

But that's nonsense.

They are exactly what this country needs. This lady has more balls than most men nowadays.

I don't believe in surrender to Evil and neither does she.

Here she defends the man who the Democrat School Board had arrested for protesting PORNOGRAPHY in the required reading for his 14 year old daughter. 


BLT Sammiches

1.  BLTs with Hellman’s mayonnaise.  Friends, it is the simple pleasures in life.  Truly.

2.  The video of the man being arrested at the school board meeting because goes over the “two minute” rule for complaining about the fact that his 14 year-old daughter was assigned PORNOGRAPHY in English class.  Oh yeah, I saw it.

 The most terrifying thing about that video is the fact that NOBODY did ANYTHING to stop than man – who had done nothing wrong – from being arrested.  In fact, they all just sat there trying desperately to pretend that they weren’t seeing any of it.  THAT is what was so chilling.  All of the men (and some of the women) should have leapt to their feet and formed a perimeter around the man.  Make that fat, conscienceless, miserable tick of a wannabe Stormtrooper understand that if he wants to go there, can most definitely get REAL.  But no.  No, no.  That roomful of cowards just sat there and watched.  And, you know, that is EXACTLY how it is going to be when the mass arrests and disappearings start.  There will be some minor tyrant (probably a woman, as in this case) who will say in an ice-cold tone dripping with faux-politeness, “Sir.  Sir.  Sir I need you to step over to the edge of the ditch, Sir.  Sir, I need you to step over there and kneel down now, Sir.  Sir….”  You want a battle to fight?  You want to make a stand?  I’m sorry, but it isn’t out on that ranch in Nevada.  It was in that room where a FATHER DARED QUESTION A SCHOOL BOARD ABOUT HIS DAUGHTER BEING ASSIGNED PORNOGRAPHY, AND GOT ARRESTED FOR IT.  There’s your battle.  There’s your hill to die on, if ever, ever there was one.

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sully16Comment by sully16 - May 25, 2014, 10:17 am
Another sad day in America.
MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - May 25, 2014, 8:49 pm
Wait until the same happens to them, maybe then they'll understand.   Nah.   
Karma has a way of coming right back, so be it....!!!

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