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Lottery Clubs


I finally got all the information needed to expand my Lottery Club.. Our Club wanted to expand members
but I kept it at the 10 friends we have in there because I was not sure of the rules or if you could even
form a club.

Here is what I found out if anyone is interested in forming their own lottery club.

1)      My first worry was about money being sent to me by mail or over the Internet.
A lot of my friends live in other states, but Florida Lottery Rules are you
cannot send tickets to others through the mail.
They cannot stop people from sending money to you and if you are buying the tickets at
your local retailer yourself then who you share the money with is on you.

2)      I can post the numbers on my website in a member section for members to see and
not break any rules.

3)      Members from other states can join but it has to be a membership into the club. And the
member agreement has to state membership fees.

4)      If you do form a membership group and you charge member fees that are over the amount of the tickets you are playing.. you must show that the difference in money is used for ..
Example if you charge 53.00 a month for membership and you buy 50.00 a month in tickets for each member share. Then the 3.00 a month must be shown in things such as software, software upgrades, hosting for the website Etc,,, Things that help in increasing your chances of winning.

It was very good information I found out and now I will be expanding my group and hopefully hit the big one .

If anyone has any information that they would like to share please feel free to comment.

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mystic317Comment by mystic317 - May 28, 2014, 10:44 pm
I posted this on my Facebook page today and announced that our lottery group is expanding to allow more players and already have 23 people wanting to sign up.. let me say if any of you are wanting to form a lottery group..i think that it will do very well if you have your rules in place from the beginning . I have had a lottery group for about 2 years and we have 8 members that have been in the group from the beginning.. we have done pretty well and so it is going to be exciting to expand our group.
Make sure that you have member agreements with all your members and keep everything in order,
If you decide to start a group i wish you all the best of luck..
if you have any questions i will be happy to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.

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