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Moth Bawl


Moths. Those pesky little critters. Have you ever seen one up close? I did. Tonight. They're kinda cute.

Ah...the world of bugs. It's never ending. Once in awhile a spider crawls unsuspecting through the crack of my screen door. Everyone's first reaction is to kill it!! Mine is to save it!! Put it back where it belongs.

So I grab a plastic cup and gently sweep it up and take it back outside.

One night I saw this furry little thing crawling on the floor. Upon closer inspection I could see it was some kind of bug caught up in a web. I had to laugh when I finally saw that it was a spider! How's that for irony? I took the broom and tried to help him get untangled. That little guy was really entwined and it took a few minutes before I could disengage him from the ball of web. But finally he got free and started running so I caught him quickly and put him outside in the dirt.

Same thing happened with a moth I saw outside. He was by the garbage can and fluttering wildly but not going anywhere. Another web victim!! I took the broom and helped him out. And boy,did he take off strongly! I felt good after that save. I could tell he was going to be alright.

Tonight a little moth I tried to save wasn't so lucky. I found him fluttering around in a web around the frame of the back door. He was very small and fragile looking. After I came to his rescue with (what else?) the broom,he clutched onto the top of the handle and didn't want to get off. I put him on the porch and he was still twitching around but I thought perhaps he was all worn out and just needed a rest. Have no idea how long he'd been caught before I saw him. 

Got a plastic cup and dug a little dirt to put in the bottom along with some leaves. Then with a piece of paper I lifted him inside. I didn't want to put him on the ground,that seemed cruel,or even in the dirt where other bugs or spiders could maybe prey on him. I left him in there for a couple of hours. I could see he was just still barely moving. Think I read somewhere that you're never supposed to touch a moth's wings because it hurts them or makes it so they can't fly or something. This poor little thing just looked pathetic. Something told me it was time so I put him out of his misery with a tear in my eye.

When I see bugs I think about what it's like to be one. It's a breathing little thing. Im sure it feels pain. Watching that little moth struggling tonight made me feel sure of that. I try to imagine being that small and how huge everything must look. Yes,most bugs are annoying but they're all here for a reason. They all help the environment in some small way.   

You might think I live in a haunted house. I mean all this talk of spider webs and (witchy) brooms,lol. The hot weather brings them all out as I'm sure you know. Where do bugs go in the winter? That I'd like to know.

Probably the only bug I don't mind killing is a mosquito. I'm itching just thinking about them. Or probably a black widow if I ever saw one. Or a recluse spider. Those can be real nasty. I'm sure there are tons of other more venomous ones too but luckily we are mostly inundated with the usual normal bugs. (But no bed bugs!! LOL) Believe me,when I stay at a hotel I check online first to see if there have been any bed bug reports and bring my gloves and flashlight. Those are some bugs that keep on buggin I've heard and that's the last thing you need,right? Now it's MY turn to say EWWWWWW.

Well,it's cooling down tonight and I can sleep peacefully knowing that the little moth is in bug heaven and doesnt have to worry about being eaten ever again in his bug eat bug world. I wouldn't have been able to sleep a wink knowing he was out there all night in pain or just suffering however a bug suffers. 

My broom is next to the door and the night's still young. 

I'm ready to help the next insect if it arrives.

I don't mind at all. It never bugs me :) 

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