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So you wanna be rich


Let me tell you ...

Thirteen years ago, I and my older sister and my parents immigrated to America.  My parents were public school teachers.  (They've passed on now succumbing to cancer).

My sister became a registered nurse with a masters degree in nursing; I became an attorney and a real estate broker.   Just like most of you, we worked for a living. 

However, I wanted to be rich.  What did I do? 

First, I wanted to know how the rich became rich.  So I read biographies of Sam Walton, Warren Buffett,  Charles Schwab, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Donald Trump, and others. 

I also read books on achieving ones goals.  I DEVELOPED WITHIN ME THE MILLIONAIRE MIND-SET.

Today, I have my own real estate and mortgage company, and run my own law office.  But on top of all that, I became the serious real estate investor.  I also invested in stocks , bonds, and funds but sad to say, my  stock gains for the last one and a half years, have been wiped out in just the last two months.  But that is the risk.  You win some, lose some

My point to you, my friends here at LP, you can be be rich - but first, develop within yourself, the millionaire mind-set. 

Good Luck!


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konaneComment by konane - July 5, 2006, 10:33 pm
Great blog entry!! Everything begins with our mindset and the rest follows accordingly. Scientists are trying to prove the relationship of the mind creating, but sages have known it for thousands of years.

However the toughest challenge is to re-train our minds from negative programming which has made billion$$ for the media so they continue delivering the same negative brainwashing.

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