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The Blessed Cup T.T.P. VA Quick Version Results C.U.


" let everyone who enters here be blessed, prospered & inspired. " Thank you Father.                                                                                                                              This is Blessed Cup Series, quick version of getting caught- up.7/1 - 7-4. Hi, cbr$, here. I'm the other half of the Blessed Cup T.T.P.{Tag Team Project}, Go to laleepop [va\pick forum] for the rest. {Blog entry # 302   , Has the Table#, The Best Triad, just about all you need to hit in VA. this month, I use the best pairs#s for both the pick 3 & 4. This may take [2], but I'm go to broke down for. What you are call a chance, I call it a flip in #s, the Best pair#s have been flip already here.Your pairs, your plug-in for the table, Best Triad are listed, your abnormal thing that will happen, were all there!!!                                                                      Congratulation to all the winners, who used everything in the Best Cup T.T.P. in VA,. 7/1 mid.3 [339],left side best pair#s [33&39], right side run your#s from[0-9], to get the hit. 7/1 eve.3[ 696], left side best pair#s[96], right side run your#s from [0-9] to get the hit.7/2 mid.3[ 396], left side best pair#s[ 39, 96, 63, 36], right side run your#s from[0-9] to get the hits.7/2 eve.3 [822], left side best pair#s 82, right side run your#s from[0-9], to get the hit.7/3 mid.3 [359], left side best pair#s [ 39, 53, 59], right side run your#s from [0-9]. 7/3 eve.3 [399],  left side best pair#s 39, right side run your#s from [0-9] to get the hit.7/4 mid.3 [756], left side best pair#s[75, 67],right side run your#s from [0-9],7/4 eve.3 [063] , left side best pair#s[36,63],right side run your#s from[0-9]. to be completed in next Blog. Thank you.Blue Angel

Entry #303


Comment by bubblyone - July 18, 2014, 9:37 pm
first, I want to thank u for taking the time to help us va's out. when u say run your numbers from(0-9) do u mean to add to the right side of the winning number that came out

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