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The Blessed Cup T.T.P. VA Quick Version Results 7/5 eve.


"Let everyone who enters here be blessed, prospered & inspired." Thank you Father.           {L.S.B.P#s, means , left side best pair#s, [see blog entry302 for pairs], reminder,R.S.T#s, means, right side Blessed Table#s, [see blog entry 302, for table#s], laleepop's VA, pick 4 forum the whole, pick four, this parts has, pairs for VA, pairs, for pick 3 &4 use. If you real are not sure about all 4 number, this side help you, narrow it down, so it still can be a hit. what ever your'# workout is showing you, you can check between the 2, check the vtrac & other lottery systems here. thank you.                                                                                                Congratulation , to all the winners, 7/5 eve.3, [565],L.S.B.P#s 55...right side run your#s from [0-9] to get the hit. 7/5 eve. 4, [6388], L.S.B.P# 88...R.S.T# 36. L.S.B.P# 63...R.S.T# 88. L.S.B.P#68...R.S.T.# 38. L.S.B.P# 36...R.S.T# 88.L.S.B.P# 83...R.S.T# 68. Best Triad; 838X= run your#s from [0-9] , to get the winners. we don't want to just toss you #s[ meaning serve you a meal], we wanted to help you learn how to fish, in these body of water's[ you can feed yourself for a lifetime!!     Have a great day Blue Angel

Entry #306


prncss59Comment by prncss59 - July 6, 2014, 7:34 am
I'm confused do this means 8388 can rub again because it seems like va always make it look like that and then they switch on everyone is it possible for the 8s to run again this morning or should I throw them out also I still do not know the pairs for today
ESR54Comment by ESR54 - July 11, 2014, 12:41 pm
Hi cbr$ Thank for your hard work and effort you put into this, Nice I love it. esr54.

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