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jarasanComment by jarasan - July 6, 2014, 8:48 pm
and it was the most popular in the parade.....................one demoncRAT council member dipsh!t criticized it. The prezzy outhouse library,.....................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! definitely the best parade float of 2014!!!!!! You see, humor is especially funny when it has truth behind it, ironic isn't it? Sh1tty prezzy,   funny outhouse. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
LiLSpeedyComment by LiLSpeedy - July 7, 2014, 10:59 am
This is America. One has the right to act like an AZZ HOLE, A FOOL, and a MORON. Yes Siree Bob.
LottoVantageComment by LottoVantage - July 7, 2014, 3:28 pm
Yep, and you surely take command of that right on a daily basis right here at LP don't you Mr. Speedy?
LiLSpeedyComment by LiLSpeedy - July 7, 2014, 4:51 pm
And you have the right to be a FLAMING TROLL Lottoadvantage. When will you trolls learn that I too, have a right to my own OPINION. KMAMF
jarasanComment by jarasan - July 7, 2014, 9:09 pm
ms. speedy troll on fire!!!!!!! GFYYTPOS. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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