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Last Edited: October 20, 2004, 9:17 pm

Embedded live links.  Borrowed from another blog with proper credits given.
Click on the first embedded link to the picture I'm writing about because it wouldn't copy directly .... hate has gone waaaaaaay too far in my book.
"Stop the Madness

"Over the past two years, the Democrats have redefined themselves as the party of hate. During the current Presidential campaign, the Democrats have spun completely out of control, taking campaign hate speech to a level never seen before in American politics. This banner headline from the front page of the Village Voice s web site, which was pointed out to us by reader William Brison, is a case in point (click to enlarge):

If John Kerry wins the election, as now appears entirely possible, one wonders how the Democrats think they will be able to govern in any normal way after the appalling hate campaign they have unleashed.

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Comment by Babel - October 21, 2004, 4:29 am
Oh please, both sides have been equally hateful in their campaigns. The republicans repeatedly have said that terrorits want Kerry to win the election, that if Kerry is elected terrorists will run free over the country, that we'll be hit with a dirty bomb, that under Kerry the government will take over your health care choices, etc.
konaneComment by konane - October 21, 2004, 12:07 pm
Babel check out my new post about Arafat's endorsing Kerry. Also read this blog material from an Iraqi blogger with links at the bottom you can copy and paste to take you to the commentary in real time. The blog (run by three attorneys) has live links you can follow to validate the information for yourself.

"An Iraqi Blogger Speaks

Mudville Gazette led us to this post by the Iraqi Alaa on The Mesopotamian. Here are some excerpts:

[D]espite the fact that most emphatically, the majority of the Iraqi people are for the new Iraq, and that the “insurrectionists” do not represent but a small minority, nevertheless the balance of forces on the ground would be seriously upset were it not for the support of the American and allied forces and nations. This small minority is dangerous, desperate, ruthless and absolutely prepared to commit any kind of atrocity to further their aims and vent their spleen, as has been clearly demonstrated almost everyday. They are well financed and connected with parties and interests beyond the border who consider it a matter of life and death to thwart all U.S. efforts and abort this attempt at creating a democratic state in the area.
President Bush now represents a symbol of defiance against the terrorists and it is a fact, that all the enemies of America, with the terrorists foremost, are hoping for him to be deposed in the upcoming elections. That is not to say that they like the democrats, but that they will take such an outcome as retreat by the American people, and will consequently be greatly encouraged to intensify their assault. The outcome here on the ground in Iraq seems to be almost obvious. In case President Bush loses the election there would be a massive upsurge of violence...

On the other hand if President Bush is reelected, this will prove to them that the American people are not intimidated despite all their brutality, and that their cause is quite futile. Yes there is little doubt that an election victory by President Bush would be a severe blow and a great disappointment for all the terrorists in the World and all the enemies of America. I believe that such an outcome would result in despair and demoralization of the “insurgent elements” here in Iraq, and would lead to the pro-democracy forces gaining the upper hand eventually .... Unfortunately, it seems to me that many in the U.S. don’t quite appreciate how high the stakes are. The challenge is mortal, and you and we are locked in a War, a National Emergency; and in such circumstances partisan considerations must be of secondary importance. If you lose this war, you are no more, and you will have to withdraw within your boundaries cringing and waiting for terror to strike you in your homeland, afraid to move around, afraid to travel, afraid to do business abroad....

You think I am exaggerating, you think I am being paranoid? I just pray that destiny would not prove all these things; I pray that these horrors will not come to pass. And all this for what? For failing to confront few thousands ex-baathists and demented religious fanatics and some common criminals, concentrated in some rural areas of a country of the size of just one of your states; and that for a nation that has defeated Natzism, Imperial Japan and the Soviet Empire!

Whether we are still that same nation, we will soon know.


konaneComment by konane - October 21, 2004, 12:51 pm
Babel Check this out also. Terrorists do support Kerry. Links for validation.

"Malaysia's Jew-Hating Ex-leader Endorses Kerry

It turns out that Spain's new soft-on-terror socialist leader, North Korea's communist terrorist dictator, the Arab propagandists of Al Jazeera and the cowardly French aren't the only dubious foreign supporters of John Kerry's presidential campaign.

Mahathir Mohamad, who as Malaysia's soft-on-terrorism prime minister last year urged fellow Muslim leaders to achieve a "final victory" over the Jews who "rule the world by proxy," today endorsed Kerry's effort to defeat President Bush.

"I think Kerry would be much more willing to listen to the voices of people and of the rest of the world," Mahathir, who retired in October after 22 years in power, told the Associated Press. "


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