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It Finally Happened!


Last Edited: July 19, 2014, 3:31 pm

As I came back from my walk yesterday morning I noticed a cat sitting on the porch of my neighbor's house across the street. They don't have a cat so I was kind of wondering where it came from. It looked over at me and I said,"Hi kitty". It ambled across the street slowly purring a sad croaky meow. It had a tag hanging from a collar. A rather large tag.

The cat followed me into the backyard still croaking away. It sounded like it was 100 years old. The fur was long and when I touched it,it was clumpy and full of matted hair. It seemed friendly enough so I grabbed onto the tag and saw a phone number.

Immediately I called. Perhaps this was someone's beloved cat but just by looking at it you could tell it was missing for a long long time. I petted "it" again and could feel nothing but bones. Luckily I always keep a fresh can of cat and dog food for occasions like this. It doesn't happen often in my neighborhood. It's rare to see a stray animal. But somehow if there is one,they always find their way to me,lol.

No one answered. The message said something like the number wasn't available and it's been transferred to another service. I left a message but so far nothing.

I looked at the tag again. Up above the phone number there was a man's name and "Mimsy". Ah ha! So we have lady kitty here.

I spent all day yesterday on the phone and internet trying to find the owner. Finally around 6 PM after exhausting all possibilities,I thought I'd give it one last shot and started calling vets to see if this cat had ever been to one.

Jackpot! Finally found out the cat had been seen at a PetSmart vet. No,they couldn't tell me any information at all. Not even when the cat had been seen last. The lady was hesitant to even tell me it's age but she gave in and said about 4 years. Even though the voice sounded old,I could see the teeth were very white and looked pretty clean.

She told me she'd leave a message for the owner and even though I repeated the phone number on the tag she STILL couldn't tell me if it was the same number she was going to call. It's a wonder ANY missing animal is reunited with their owner with this type of security,lol.

About 15 minutes later she called back to my surprise. She said she could tell he was ignoring her message. I don't know how she could tell,lol,but anyway,it doesn't seem like this person wants their cat back.

I've never seen a cat's face light up the way she did when I opened a can of food. Her eyes were round as saucers and she practically screamed. For joy,I hope. She devoured it pretty quick then laid down on my little carpet by the back door.

She's too weak to jump over fences but later on she somehow managed to squeeze under the fence through a chewed hole my very first dog made about 30 years ago,lol. She went wandering off across the street and stretched out on another neighbor's porch,the one on the corner. Later on she came back and I gave her a little more food.

In the evening I clicked my teeth and she came from somewhere out of the dark and had another whole can of food.

I washed out BusterBrat's old igloo house and put a nice new blanket inside. This morning I sort of guided her in to see if she liked it but you know cats. She turned around and came back out. Buster did the same thing when first shown the house. A few weeks later you couldn't get him out of it if you tried!

Today I can hopefully get her to a vet. And the groomer is next. Struggling whether to keep her or not. My "worry" genes have calmed down after BusterBrat was sent to heaven and I forgot about them. But they kicked right up this morning... was worried if she made it through the night...was worried she was hungry. I'm worried right now if she has any pain.

I'm worried about what's going to happen now that it's finally happened! Yes,another stray on my doorstep. Almost 19 years since my BusterBrat the cat arrived. Hard to believe he's been gone almost 2 years now. Seems only yesterday.

Taking her to the pound would be suicide. The way she looks? Yikes. No one would take this straggly lumpy bumpy bag of bones. Perhaps I'm already starting to love her. No,not perhaps. 

It finally happened. Again. She had me from the first "worry". 

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emilygComment by emilyg - July 19, 2014, 2:45 pm
Meant for you - I ended up with 8 same way. God Bless You Both!
MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - July 19, 2014, 6:47 pm
Yep, it was meant to be. She knows that you'll take care of her. She knew it from the first meow..   One thing for sure, she is in good hands..!
Comment by lottolaughs - July 19, 2014, 10:13 pm
I'm jealous! She keeps going across the street and hanging around the corner house's porch. I finally went over to talk to the neighbor's and see if they might want her. Turns out they have been giving her milk for several days though I only saw her for the first time yesterday. They just felt sorry for her but don't want to keep her. Have a vet's appointment Monday so we'll see how good of shape she's in and we'll go from there. I sure hope she's not sick. She won't stay in my yard for very long. Guess I'll have to start feeding her milk,lol. They took the bowl away so she'll hopefully stray over to me more :)P

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