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This is How You Chop


I gotta make it quick because my mouse keep freezing on me. This is for you looking for new ways to come up with your winning numbers. What I like to do is add all my figures by columns as follows...



123^345^678>see the 7, 9, 1 giving you 17 for  the first column, 14 for the next, and another 17. I then add 'em up in a row. 17+14+17=48. I then add each figure in ones, tens, and hundreds as such.

17(ones)+14(tens,14X10)+17(hundreds 17X100)=1857.

I then divide(/) 1857 by 48=38.6975. That means 48 will go into 1857-38 times. Now the next step is to subtract(-) the 38= .6875, then multiply it by 48=33, the remainder. Take that 33 and subtract it from 1857=1824. This is the sum of 38X48.

Now you can play each pair 33-38-48, the hundreds 824-857, or as pick 4's 1824-1857. This is one way I like to chop up my numbers. It has been quite fun. Hope you enjoy!Cheers

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