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The Plot Thickens...


Now I find out that "Mimsy" is a HE not a she. Also turns out the other neighbor who brought him to the vet is one I've known for years. He DOES know who the owner is. And here I spent all day Saturday networking trying to find out who this person was and I can see his house from my front window!

The neighbor went over and talked to this owner. He said he looked visibly shocked that the cat is in as bad as shape as he is. WHAT???? Is he blind? My neighbor said that the owner told him he will call the vet and see what his options are and that he will take care of it.

Well...guess who showed up on my front doorstep yesterday evening? Good old Mimsy. I gave him some milk and he just lapped it up. I petted his bony neck and cried. This cat just breaks my heart,I want to "cat-nap" him so bad. But there's nothing I can do.

Didn't see Mimsy today. Hopefully the owner did the right thing. I will be calling the vet to see if he really DID call and if I can find out anything. Yes, I am nosy. Yes,I am the animal police of the neighborhood,lol.

Dear sweet Mimsy. I knew you were in bad shape but not as bad as all that. Enlarged spleen,a mass on his stomach and shrinking kidneys. Plus the vet thinks he has a hyperthyroid condition because he just devours food but never gains weight. Whatever they could do for him would be just to "maintain" his condition the vet said. 

He was also a "pound" cat who probably has had a really rough life. I wonder what the message is in all this. When I was outside talking to him he'd just look at me and meow. Once in a while he'd reach his paw out and touch my knee gently. Was he asking for help? Did he just need a pet? I petted him as much as I could. His matted fur made it hard and the bones underneath made me so sad.

But I love him. How could you not? The story hasn't ended yet until I find out what happened.

It finally (almost) happened. I really thought I had a new friend.

Entry #100


Comment by onlymoney - July 23, 2014, 11:29 pm
So sad, but you're a nice person who loves animals like I do. Such innocent creatures, that Humans almost have the obligation to look after them. They know not the logic us Humans have concerning dangerous traps to avoid. That's what makes us the TITLE HOLDER of top of the food chain.

I read some of your latest rescue blog stories, they touched me because I do love animals. I've seen a couple of rescue dog vids on Youtube. Actually two of them, one was abandoned living in a corner of a major city, and the other was a dog who's owner passed, so he went under the trailer, where the rescuers found him/her, forget..lol   But they shaved the matted hair, cleaned him up and it was so touching.

Animals ROCK !
Comment by onlymoney - July 23, 2014, 11:38 pm
I almost forgot, you're probably too young to remember, but Mimsy was a character in a funny movie starring Walter Matthau in"Plaza Suite". The bride to be locks herself in the bathroom, unsure babout the decision to get married. Classic movie, sorry, had to throw that in.

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