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woman passes out after disney ride


ORLANDO, Florida (July 11) - A woman lost consciousness while getting off a Walt Disney World ride, which two people have died on in the past 13 months, authorities said.



The 35-year-old woman was getting off "Mission: Space'' when she fell about 8:30 p.m. Monday, Deputy Chief Bo Jones of the Reedy Creek Fire Department told the Orlando Sentinel.

She told rescue workers she had tingling in her arms and hands, Jones said. She was taken by helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center in stable condition.

The woman's name has not been released.


A telephone call by The Associated Press to Disney officials was not immediately returned Tuesday morning.

"Mission: Space'' spins in a centrifuge that subjects riders to twice the normal force of gravity.

Hiltrud Bluemel, 49, died April 12, one day after she went on the ride. A preliminary report from the Orange County Medical Examiner's Office showed Bluemel died from bleeding of the brain. She also suffered from severe, long standing high blood pressure, according to the medical examiner's office.

A 4-year-old Pennsylvania boy also died last June while riding the attraction. An autopsy determined Daudi Bamuwamye, of Sellersville, Pennsylvania, died of an irregular heartbeat linked to a natural causes.

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justxploringComment by justxploring - July 12, 2006, 5:42 pm
Interesting. This has happened a lot lately at the theme parks. I knew about the 4 year old boy. Very sad. His parents should never have taken him on that ride. He had a heart condition. I don't know how they got a 4 yr old to pass the height requirement, as I believe there is one for this ride. For people who have never been to Disney World, some rides post numerous warnings. My heart is in great shape and I have low blood pressure, but I wouldn't go with my friend on the Mission Space ride because of the signs posted. I have back problems and had jaw & neck surgery years ago, and it says your face will be distorted while it spins your body. I know 2 others have died but one was a stroke waiting to happen. I'm very certain high blood pressure is one of the conditions listed on the warning signs as you walk to the entrance. If someone has a heart condition, decides to go skydiving and drops dead on the way down, is it the skydiving company's fault? I'm not defending Disney, since I don't know all the facts, but millions have really loved this ride. On the other hand a 12 year old boy died a couple of weeks ago on a roller coaster in the same park. So should all amusement rides be shut down? I guess in this high tech world of bigger, better, faster, taller, we might have gone too far in an attempt to satisfy thrill seekers. All of this is very said and tragic.

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