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Before Returning to Golf Course, Obama Promises 'Relentless' Pursuit of Justice Against ISIS


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lejardinComment by lejardin - August 20, 2014, 10:14 pm
Lol and so it continues
Comment by Lucky Loser - August 21, 2014, 2:39 am
I actually see him at a point where he's genuinely pissed and this on two fronts. One, he had already organized a special operation to go into Syria and rescue those captives but the mission failed. It failed because they weren't at the location which intel provided so they pulled out. For all we know, the Syrian's could've received notice, somehow, that we were coming for that reason and they moved the captives far away. Two, one of those captives was beheaded because Obama started a mission in Iraq to help the same people ISIL wants to hurt and control for no good reasons. Then, they essentially threatened him with another beheading IF he didn't stop the airstrikes...and he hasn't. In fact, the airstrikes were increased as I speak.

It get's deeper, though...much deeper. David Cameron, British Prime Minister, rushed back from vacation due to implications on the 'voice' of the person speaking in the video. They are seemingly sure that the accent of that person is 'British' and is operating within ISIL. This whole thing is about to get really dirty. The Syrians are seizing and stealing Iraqi military weapons and transportation...that we provided in the most recent war with Iraq. Several countries are preparing a joint mission to counter this ISIL outfit but, it's gonna require max intensity to put a dent in 'em. This ain't no bulls**t we're dealing with now, unlike when Bush decided to go. The opposition level was nothing like this and there was zero organization to it. Different ballgame. Now is the time to do what Bush did then... sans boots on the ground for now. This group needs to be somewhat isolated, if possible, into a general vicinity where we deal with them without excessive civilian casualties. These people want an on-the-ground fight just like we did under Bush but, we cannot afford to do this right now...from a strategic perspective. It would not be smart. We do need people on the ground to assist with better intel for more precise strikes, though.

Next thing is, from August 8th when these strikes were initiated, congress has (60) days to decide on what happens next. Full blown war or pull out and time is of the essence. We, along with allies, have to get strategies together and push forward quickly. The fact that Obama is already in there with the airstrikes and has been threatened with yet another American life effortlessly paves the way for him to drop the hammer on this organization. I'm excited and just as Ed said on his show, "You can't tax me enough for military action right now!!!" When it's justly warranted, EVERYBODY will be on board.

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