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What About 'Black-on-Black' Crime?


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Comment by Lucky Loser - August 21, 2014, 8:01 pm
Hey, let's get the National Guard involved. I mean hell, Rick Perry did it to prevent people from breaching the borders, and, dying in the process. These people are killing each other every single day and no one wants to entertain a solution. Ferguson had the Guard to just to keep the peace with the people. Chi-Town...they got guns and they like to use 'em. I have yet to see the NRA weigh in on this deal, or, about how the police forces are looking more like the Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom missions in terms of equipment and force.

Do you know why people are so mad? It's because too many cops are getting off for gross excessive brutalities and fatalities. Cops aren't afraid to do anything because they almost know they'll get off. If the courts start to harshly convict them, though, it's gonna create another problem. The officers will be afraid use deadly force, if actually needed, because of fear of being indicted. The good officers will opt out of their jobs if they feel the bad guys have too much leeway in a given situation." Ain't no fun when the rabbit's got a gun but it's not the cop's job to turn around a run." This isn't an easy problem to solve by any means but, something's gotta be done.

What happens if one of your nephews, sons, etc. get's caught up in something fatal...and they're in the right? It's easy to decide when no one has 'knocked on your door' with bad news. Think about that.

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